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Mark Valshannar

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth April 2, 2009
Date of death Discovered on May 5, 2014
Residence Kansas;
Formerly Vermont, New Jersey, Florida, Australia, and Austria
Sex Male
Party president of Socialist Freedom Party
August 15, 2009 – October 15, 2009
Preceded by Osmany Ramon
Succeeded by CivilAnarchy
March 16, 2010 – April 15, 2010
Preceded by Benton Mayweather
Succeeded by Vincent Nolan
June 16, 2010 – July 15, 2010
Preceded by Vincent Nolan
Succeeded by Phoenix Quinn
February 15, 2011 – April 15, 2011
Preceded by cival unrest
Succeeded by Lysander Spooner II
Congress member of USA
Military unit eUSA National Guard, Bear Cavalry, Pickle's Patriots
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mark Valshannar was born on April 4th, 2009 in Vermont. He was best known as a leader of the Socialist Freedom Party and as an internationalist. He also has lived in Austria and Australia.

Born in Red: The Early Months

Mark's first act in eUSA politics was to join the Socialist Freedom Party. His second act was to vote John Jay for the president. In his early days in the party he meets Osmany Ramon and other party leaders such as then Congressmen and future presidential candidate Robert Bayer. At that time smily132 as the Party president. Soon after smily132 left for Latvia and Spade became Party president.

Spade's becoming Party president lead to Mark Valshannar taking a more active role in the party. where he helped with party recruitment. After Spade left and Osmany Ramon became the Party president, Mark was appointed Director of Recruitment of Socialist Freedom Party due to his activity. He then becomes the Director of SFP Young Socialists due to his close affiliation with the Department of Recruitment and the fact that the old Director, Drew Howard has become inactive in party affairs.

He also interviewed former SFP Party president and former South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, smily132 in his paper, The Wandering Eye. The interview was mainly about why South Korea had ceased to exist as a nation.

After the June Senate elections, the leadership of the SFP has shifted around. Mark became the Director of Elections. He also ran his first campaign for Congress in Alabama during the June 2009 congress elections. The America's Advancement Party allowed Mark to run on their ticket. He failed in his attempt, however, fellow party member Robert Bayer won in South Dakota.

Late in June of 2009, he was appointed an ambassador to Bolivia. Mark sought that position because his friends Arjay Phoenician and Ernesto_Guevara lived in Bolivia. He used the position to lobby to the USA government in behave of Bolivia, asking that American send, at the very least, moral support. Mark became active on the Bolivian forums and took his position seriously. When the American government ignored his requests, he became jaded and his view of the American government declined further. This, along with many other incidences, would shape Mark's anti-imperialist sentiments.

Mark ran for Senate in July in the state of Oklahoma. He won the election and joined his college and fellow party member Robert Bayer in the Senate as the second Socialist Freedom Party senator. He served only one term and ran not because he wished to serve the USA, but because he felt that having another Senator would boost the status of the SFP.

In August the incumbent Party president of the SFP, Osmany Ramon, decided not to run for a fourth term and endorsed Mark for party president. Mark was the only active member of the SFP to seek the position and won on election day.

First SFP Presidency

Mark's first of several terms began on August 16th and last two months, until October 15th 2009. It established a sort of quintessential "Valshannar pattern". He began the term with great enthusiasm and hoped to step out of the shadow of Osmany Ramon, who was known in the SFP and Internationally among Communists as a brilliant party leader and organizer.

Mark's term started off rocky, although it was not due to his actions. His friends smily132 and Spade, who were South Korean refugees in Japan and leaders of the South Korean community, warned him in a casual conservation that PEACE, particularly Indonesia, were attempting to region swap with Japan in order to invade America. Mark grew hopeful that this would not happen as smily told him of how Japan's congress was resisting efforts by the larger PEACE nations to force Japan to give in. He hoped that another World War could be prevented, not because he disliked war, but because he knew that during the war, party politics were pushed aside and membership typically fell. Mark wished to spend his party presidency increasing membership and possibly becoming a top 5 party.

Alas, it was not to be. World War III started and smily132 told him that Japan gave in after being threatened with invasion. This incident again jaded Mark's view of super-alliances, just as his experience with Bolivia had.

At the suggestion of Osmany Ramon he created the Bear Cavalry and Ramon was appointed its first commander. Most SFP activity was directed towards battling PEACE on American soil so Mark gradually felt less like a leader and more like a place holder. During a fight over a small problem, he kicked Osmany Ramon off the steering committee, a very controversial action. This, combined with the ability to effectively recruit during the World War, made Mark's first two terms miserable.

He very ironically declared that he never wanted to be a Party President again.


CivilAnarchy succeeded him and led the SFP into international action in Russia to battle perceived imperialism and aid with the creation of a Russian "Super Commune". However, Mark, despite his activity in several communist Internationals, decided against joining this effort. Instead, he headed to Australia and joined the Australian Communist Party. He meet Chris Carnage and developed a friendship with him that would last years. He had gained a reputation as the founder of the Bear Cavalry among the international communist community, despite his limited involvement with it. This to the ACP asking him to create a Bear Cavalry copy in Australia, named the Dingo Militia. Mark started it but never got it off the ground. Later party presidents of the ACP would revive the project but Mark would not have any part in it as he moved back to the USA along with most of the SFPers after a stall in the Russian "Super Commune" project.

3 Way Race for the Party Presidency

Mark Valshannar returned to the SFP late into CivilAnarchy's presidency. After conservation on #socialistfreedomparty, he and Osmany Ramon ended up running against CivilAnarchy for fun. There was a presidential debate but only Ramon and Mark attended it. Mark had regained some of his patriotism during his stay in Australia. He became convinced that PEACE and its successor, Phoenix, were the only imperialists in the world and needed to be stopped. Ramon thoroughly destroyed Mark in the debate and reminded Mark of previous actions by the United States of America that were detrimental to small nations. Despite this, he believed that CivilAnarchy had no chance since he did not even show up to the debate.

The result was a kick in the butt to Mark. He only received 11% of the vote, slightly higher than most two-clicker candidates. CivilAnarchy, who did not even participate in the election's main event, received three times his vote at 34%. So ended the December 2009 SFP PP election.

Despite this, Mark remained with the SFP. The joke race had made him fall in love with the party again and he wanted to become party president again and this time do it right.


He joined the US National Guard Early in his life. Later he was a founding member of the SFP Bear Cavalry. He was kicked out of it for inactivity in August 2011. During his stint in Australia he founded the Dingo Militia, the militia of the Australian Communist Party. He also joined the Osterreichs Bundesheer when he lived in Austria.

Before the end, he was a member of Pickle's Patriots.