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Mark Wahlberg

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Nationality Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korean
Date of birth 12 November 2008
Date of death  ?
Residence Dubai
Sex Male
Minister of Interior of Germany
20 June 2009 – 5 August 2009
Preceded by shoot
Congressman of Germany
26 December 2008 – 25 May 2009
Minister of Information of Germany
9 April 2009 – June 5 2009
Succeeded by Elisa Vorimberg
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mark Wahlberg is a South Korean citizen and resident of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He owns a newspaper called The Wahlberg Times. He is a veteran of the German Independence War, Austria-PEACE Resistance War, and Third Sweden-Germany War. He co-founded the Reformed Federal Democrats and established German Adminism.


Early Life

Mark Wahlberg was born on November 12th, 2008, in Prague, Czech Republic. When he was first able, he joined a party called the German Liberation Front with others such as Justin Tyme whose goal was to free Germany from Sweden and help run the country.

On November 19, 2008, Mark and the rest of the members of the German Liberation Front traveled to Germany to incite the first-ever multi-region resistance war, called the German Independence War. They would win the war and start a new party called the Federal Social Democrat Party, the largest party in Germany.

Political Career

First Term in Congress

In the Congressional elections of December 25, 2008, Mark was elected to serve as one of 33 members of the German congress. Mark would become much
Mark Wahlberg's home in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg when he lived in Germany.
more active in eRepublik once elected, contributing to discussions on the Germany forums and writing newspaper articles much more frequently.

Mark was unable to take part in Operation Burning Spirit because of so many congressmen resigning to fight in the war. Still with almost two weeks left until the upcoming Congressional election, the German government needed congressmen to propose laws, and so Mark decided not to resign and fight.

Isy Administration

Shortly after the February 2009 Presidential Election, Isy, now president of Germany, wrote an article describing his administration. Wahlberg, who had befriended Isy over the past few weeks, was asked by Isy to work with him during his presidency. Wahlberg was placed as Chairman of the Congress Commission of General Information, further advancing his political career and strengthening his relationship with Isy.


Wahlberg started talking with Erich Kaweletske on February 8th, 2009, who was planning on moving to New Mexico, United States of America, later that day. Kaweletske mentioned that he did not know who would take his place as the German ambassador to the United States after he left. Wahlberg asked Isy for the position, who promptly gave it to him.

Losing Congress

After losing the March Congressional elections, primarily due to a slow in activity, Wahlberg started to once again become more active, and, together with Crimson90, decided to try to change the face of Swedische Botschaft, formerly known as the Federal Social Democrat Party, which was overtaken by a Swede named frozen4. Crimson90 and Wahlberg wrote up a new mission statement for the party which was to be used after Crimson90 won the party president seat.

Starkad Rorlikson Administration

Prior to the March 2009 Presidential election, Wahlberg was asked by Starkad Rorlikson to serve as State Secretary of Information on Rorlikson's government team. Wahlberg would primarily deal tasks having to deal with informing citizens of important messages from the government and updating the Germany wiki.



On the 29th of January, 2009, Mark created an organization called Wahlberg Enterprises in France where there were many wars at the time. Using that organization, he purchased an 1-star iron company and changed its name to Fer de Wahlberg, Inc., or Wahlberg Iron, Inc. A few days after purchasing the company, Wahlberg decided to put it up to sell for 4 more gold than what he bought it for.


After moving Wahlberg Enterprises to Germany, Mark Wahlberg purchased a second company under Wahlberg Enterprises from Erich Kaweletske which he renamed Wahlberg Farms, Inc. on February 8th, 2009. With little money left over, Mark fired the three inactive employees and let the company sit idly until he gathered enough money to start it up again. Then on 19 February 2009, Mark was speaking with a fellow German named Raldios and decided to begin hiring laborers and purchase an export license to Pakistan, which had a struggling grain market and many food companies without supplies.

South Korea

With Wahlberg's resurgence of activity in South Korea came a reiteration of Wahlberg Farms that was much more successful than the last. With funds received by selling his company's stocks on the stock market, Wahlberg managed to increase the company's quality and the workers' wages. However, investors outraged by Wahlberg Enterprises' lack of huge returns bombed the organization, and Wahlberg lost hundreds in gold in net worth.

In Japan

A New Start

After the destruction of Germany in the Third Sweden-Germany War, Wahlberg relocated himself to Tokyo, Japan. There he started the process of introducing himself through his newspaper and the Japan national forum. After reading a controversy over eReligion in Japan, Mark wrote an article trying to clear things up and quickly became disliked by some more prominent members of Japanese politics including Oraizan, Geno Garon, and Tohru. After this Wahlberg came to dislike much of the Japanese community, and eagerly awaited his opportunity to return to his German homeland.

New Germany

Gobba Administration

After PEACE liberating Germany in the Central European War, Wahlberg returned to his home of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, after weeks of the territory being under Swedish control. Mark contacted Gobba, the president of Germany after shoot's famous betrayal, and he was selected to serve as Gobba's Minister of the Interior.


Fighting Through a Coma

Mark Wahlberg spent many months in Germany wasting away and not participating in politics, wars, or even writing articles. Eventually, he moved to the United States of America where he worked for a while. Wahlberg then had a complete resurgence of activity and moved to South Korea.

South Korean Citizen

Mark Wahlberg officially became a South Korean citizen on 26 March 2010, after several weeks of activity in the country. This was the first time Wahlberg had changed his citizenship since moving from the Czech Republic to Germany in November of 2008. He joined the Federal Social Democrat Party, a party newly-founded by two long-time friends. The name was a reference to the Federal Social Democrat Party of Germany, which he and his friends were members of during their time in Germany.

Wahlberg would once again fall into and back out of activity. This time he joined Sirius Padfoot Black in sustaining the Solar Temple after Spade left the world.


Mark Wahlberg's place of discussion with the South Korean citizens.

This is a list of positions that Mark Wahlberg has held: