Marko Aberst

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Dead citizen

Marko Aberst

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
Date of birth 27.06.2009
Day 585 of the New World
Date of death 17.12.2018 (discovered)
Day 4,045 of the New World
Residence Pacific Coast of Mexico
Sex Male
Faith Dhooist
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Senior airman 5.png Senior Airman*****

Marko Aberst was a citizen of Mexico. He was inactive already once in the past, having a long inactive period in the summer and winter of 2010.


Marko Aberst was an employee of his Military Unit Weapon Raw rubber plantation.


His political career begins with 6 active months in the Mexican Congress, mainly sponsored in the former MLPT2 Party, In the same time, he starts as a Principal in the Citizen Aid System (Sistema de Ayuda Ciudadana), 3 months in charge.
After he left CAS (SAC), he runs for the Presidential elections, but loses against Luigy. In the last week of November 2009, the president was impeached and Marko Aberst got in the Office just for a couple of days.
In December 2009, he was vice president, managing the nation with Miguelguerin, president and friend.
January 2010 was the month when he finally got the President Medal in an unexpected union of the national left parties. Was the first to achieve the 3 national goals in Mexico (feature installed in October 2009).

Marko repeated his success, and become President two times more - in February 2012 and 2013.

During his career, Marko was also a member of Partido Popular Socialista.


While active in game, Marko often used Napoleon training method.

He was an active member of the Mexico army, he was the commander of the unit and Minister of Defense in one month.

In Brazil he was a member of theExercito Brasileiro (Brazilian Army) in the Fuzileiro team, the elite soldiers.

His final military unit was the M E R C S.


Columna de Makito is the newspaper owned and published by Marko Aberst.