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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT eRepublik Game Features.

Once upon a time, marriages within eRepublik were unions upheld by contract and acted upon however the married couple saw fit. By the summer of 2009, such marriages did not need contracts with admin oversight, but were unions between two consenting citizens who wanted more than just a joining of accounts. Many had wedding ceremonies to symbolize a spiritual bond beyond the business merger. The concept of ingame marriage, however, fizzled by the end of 2009, and while there are still agreements between citizens to share wealth on one hand, and vows exchanged to show something a little more friendly and romantic on the other, the popularity of the concept has waned.

The first marriage was held in March 2008 between Cristesco, the President of Romania at that time, and elena.coman. The complete coverage of the event can be seen here.

Married Couples

The following is a list of couples that have publicly confirmed their married status.

Husband Wife Date Current Status
Arjay Phoenician Leiwahara August 27, 2010 Active
Count Drakula Valorum October 25, 2010 Active

Gay marriage

Pierric kissing his... love.
Gay Marriage is a relatively rare event in the New World. One of the few cases of gay marriages happened on day 480 of the New World, between the African lieutenant Pierric Bross and the French general Kirill Nowakovski. This is the second or third gay couple of eRepublik, but surely the first "furry gay couple" of the eWorld. The wedding ceremony was officiated by the Dioist general Reshev Villanova.

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