Matthew Smith The Awesomeness

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Matthew Smith The Awesomeness

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Matthew Smith.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.png American
National rank 3391
Date of birth August 29, 2009
Residence Karnataka
Sex Male
Political party S.E.E.S.
Military unit Mobile Infantry
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Matthew Smith The Awesomeness is a citizen of USA. He was the founder of the wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk party.

Erepublik Life


Matthew Smith The Awesomeness was born on Day 648 of the New World. He was referred to the game by a Ukrainian name Kirosha. He played everyday and began learning the game very quickly. Not long into his e-life he found his way to eusforums and became an active member there.

The Beginning

Matthew was born into the State of North Carolina during the middle of World War III. One of the first battles he was able to take part in was the 2nd attempt at retaking California, in which Emerick led the USA to fight back against Indonesia. But still, there was not much keeping Matthew playing except for a friend named Aaron S who helped him at the beginning of the game. This helped him to his humble beginnings.

First Major Job

There weren't many ways for young citizens to help the country but Matthew still found a way. He became Deputy Ambassador to Chile. This later helped him get to become Ambassador of Chile for a few weeks and then eventually Ambassador to Bolivia.


He has achieved a military rank of Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel and was awarded 1 Super Soldier medal so far but is as of writing is close to another. He is a member of Mobile Infantry.

Life on the eusforums

EUSFORUM and his first ban

In a topic about the UK, a debate about the fgt level of Dishmcds arose. After Alee Ann made a comment that we should not attack Dish, Matthew posted a comment stating "I stand ready to call Dishmcds a fag" Alee Ann was so outraged that he banned Matthew overnight, thus beginning an epic duel.

The PMs following the ban

Alee Ann had decided to be a major fgt and called the young Matthew Smith out, using way too many gifs that only made Matthew want to troll some more. Alee Ann ended the pms with 5 straight PMs of LOL gifs.

The 2nd/3rd Banning

Around 3 months later, after Matthew had returned from his long journey, he noticed that Alee Ann had 5 or 6 threads in which he was the only one posted. Matthew called him out on this and Alee Ann then sent a PM to Matthew informing him that he had been warned but had not told him what he was being warned for. A long argument followed in which Alee Ann acted like a fgt. Scrabman decided that despite this being an argument over pms he would ban Matthew for 3 days. Matthew was also banned for creating a 2nd account after Alee Ann broke the sacred rule of the forums, DON'T POST IN EMERICK'S TEMPLE!!!

The 4th Banning

It is unknown the reason of the 4th banning, but all anyone knows is that chaos ensued because the global mods were tired of fun and wanted to keep everything strictly professional.

Participation With S.E.E.S

I knows nothing.