Maurice Charron

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Maurice Charron

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-France.png French
National rank 109
Date of birth 26 February 2009
Day 464
Residence Paris
Sex male
Political party Entente des Libres Penseurs
Congress member of Belgium
Military unit Fusion
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 5.png Squadron Leader*****

Maurice Charron is a citizen of Canada, previously known as Vulcain.



Maurice Charron started his life in Erepublik under the tutelage of Joey Phillips and William Duncan.

Maurice Charron managed to get early in the Canadian Armed Forces. During the attempted invasion by Hungarian's in Canadian politics, he published a list of Hungarians who infiltrated the Parti National du eQuebec. Thanks to the popularity of his newspaper with English and French, it has helped to thwart the invasion. Regarded as a savior, on that fateful day, he is congratulated in person by General FAC IRC publicly. From that moment, he is an integral part of the 10th Royal Canadian Hussars.

In this army platoon he met with his greatest friend in Erepublik, Dutchy. It was at his request and that of William Duncan to join the CPP. He shares the credit with Dutchy for opening a French section in the Canadian forum.

Creation of "de l'Office Francophone"

Maurice Charron is an activist in the French speaking Canada, engaging not only with the French community at the time, but also for English-speaking nation. The idea of a Francophone Office comes to his mind and he strives towards its creation. Once creation is complete, French section in the forum of Canada and the creation of a military platoon francophone, are two things that he will work on with the help of Dutchy.

22e "Régiment Royal" Platoon

Thanks to the Office Francophone and its pro-French cooperation with the leadership of Canada, Maurice Charron was able to obtain the creation of the 22e "Régiment Royal" Platoon, all members of francophone community. This platoon, a major victory for the Francophone, also represents a greater integration of players in the French army, an implication that few tried before. The pack is a success: modern and interesting banners and Insignia's are designed. After less than a month of existence, the pack has already 15 members, among others Dutchy (Lieutenant), Maurice Charron (Sergeant), Eric Gunn and Chucky Norris (Junior) . Some former members include Jean-Philippe Paradis (Corporal, now part of eRepublik). The creation of this pack has also increased the number of Francophones active on the board of Canada.

Final stage of life in Canada

Maurice Charron, by its active promotion of the Francophone in the Canada and great personal involvement in this matter, has contributed greatly to the sense of belonging between Canadian Francophone. They are over 290 posts in 40 topics that were written in the French section of the forum Canada in categories as diverse as economics, military, social and official documents.

The political involvement of Maurice Charron was less active in order to devote himself to the welfare of the 22nd "Royal Regiment". He handed the reins of the Office for Francophone to Eldorino after the realization of his great success.

Finally, Maurice Charron is focused on an economic project linked directly to his platoon francophone, weapons company, Arsenal 22nd. It was recently increased to Q3, with particular support of members of the platoon and the warm welcome from other members.

He ended his Canadian career in Imperial Party of Canada and fighting for The Imperial Force.


Upon arriving to France, Maurice joined Entente des Libres Penseurs and Fusion unit.


Le Souvenir. The first article, discussing the topics on Francophone in Canada won a major consideration in the country, especially among the francophone (French Speaking) community.