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Max King

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 12th February 2011
Date of death End of 2012 (est)
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Faith Catholic
Newspaper The Regal Chronicles
Senator of Indiana
26th August 2011 – 26th September 2011
Deputy Secretary of State of USA
6th September 2011 – 6th October 2011
Served under Jelly9473
Preceded by Artela
Deputy Director of Member Services of United States Workers Party
April 2011 – May 2011
Served under Stanley Ibcus
Preceded by Stanley Ibcus
Succeeded by Josh Whitehead
Intern of USA
6th August 2011 – 6th September 2011
Served under Oblige
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Max is a former Senator from Indiana who was born in the USA in the State of Michigan on the 12th February 2011.

Known for his loyalty and hard work ethic he was seen as one of the rising stars in eRepublik. His story involves his fast rise, being betrayed, moving, and getting back up on his feet. After USA he moved to UK and finally settled in Ireland.

February 2011

Born on the 12th February 2011, Max quickly began to gain experience in the world of Erep, becoming a hard worker, and investing Gold into his training and work to develop his work and strength skills as fast as he could. He was mentored by top-class US citizens Bruce Sommer and Princefigs with who he quickly established rapport and was not only a student of theirs but also a friend. He began socialising with other members of the USA, and eventually discovered, The United States Workers Party, his rapid rise was evident from the fact that after only a few short days within the party, he was considered to receive the party's nomination to run for Congress, but in the State of Colorado, therefore, he moved there on the 22nd February 2011 when he was only 10 days old. However, due to party decisions, he was asked to withdraw in order for a more established candidate to stand. Max again moved, voluntarily this time to the State of Pennsylvania on 27th February 2011 due to his fondness of the state in real life.

During the month of February, Max also joined the United States Armed Forces in the division known as Training Corps. He graduated in record time by receiving 100% on all 5 exams. He was then moved into the branch of National Guard.

March 2011

Max continued to rise in the United States Workers Party, quickly gaining titles such as Quartermaster for the service Arm America, and Member of the communication group known as the Zombie Hoard.

On the 6th March 2011, Max briefly took a holiday to Rio De Janeiro, Southeast of Brazil, Brazil, in order to find the lost city of ElDorado. Upon successfully completing this mission, he remained on holiday for a few days before returning to Pennsylvania on 9th March 2011. On the 13th March Max decided to finally officially join the USWP becoming a full-time member, so as to be able to continue with his many duties and run for Congress on March 25th. Max was nominated as the official candidate for Congress under the USWP for the State of Pennsylvania however, again he was refused candidate status to facilitate again a more experienced member. However, he was given a promise that not only would he be guaranteed to get on the ballot for the next elections on April 25th, but that also he would be put in a seat so as to be guaranteed a win.

April 2011

For most of the month, Max's life went smoothly, he was looking forward to finally getting into Congress on the 25th and was earning nationwide praise for his hard work, dedication and loyalty, with many even tipping him as a future President of the United States. Max's time in Pennsylvania was cut short by the invasion from Poland which caused Canada to become in possession of the State of Pennsylvania forcing Max to move to the neighbouring State of Ohio. Due to the loss of regions, Max was again denied candidate status for Congress on the 25th and was again forced to wait another month. He moved to the State of Massachusetts to support his friend Stanley Ibcus as the pair had become very close friends and Max was made Deputy Director of Member Services by Stanley, the Director of Member Services at the time, in return for Max's vote and support.

Stanley began to heavily favour Max, convincing USWP Party President to make Max a member of the Executive Board of the USWP with equal voting rights and Stanley began to shower Max with gifts of Gold, Dollars and even Q5 food and Q5 Weapons. This was in return both for his hard work and dedication to the party and also as a sign of their strengthening friendship.

May 2011

During May 2011, the pair's friendship began to fray. For still unknown reasons on the 5th of May Stanley asked Max to consider stepping down from his position as Deputy Director and giving the post instead to Max's colleague and friend Josh Whitehead. When asked for a reason, Stanley withdrew the suggestion instead praising Max for his continued hard work, and clarified that he thought Max was indeed the best person for the job and would make a great President of the USA someday. However, on the 8th May, Max was informed he would shortly be fired and replaced by a new Deputy Director. Upset and disheartened Max still tried to continue on with his work. No longer wishing to be with Stanley Max turned his attention to the Congress elections in May and instead moved to the State of Alabama where he was confident he could finally get on the ballot and win.

However, Stanley began to attack Max verbally, and while Max was still performing his duties as Deputy Director, replaced Max in the middle of a job, and began to mock Max at which point Max deleted 2 documents in anger however intended to restore them immediately. However, Stanley restored them first and began to systematically remove all access to the Member Services department. As Max began to protest and pleading with Party President LexLuthor1 for help, Lex took Stanley's side and began to attack Max himself, even making cruel jokes about his brother's real-life diabetes. After many privileges and accesses had been removed Max decided to quit the US altogether and would move to his real-life country of the United Kingdom.

Max moved to South East of England, the United Kingdom, on the 13th May and immediately filed for a citizenship application. However, LexLuthor1, Stanley Ibcus and another user who had never met Max called Inwegen followed him to the UK and began a hate and smear campaign unfairly branding Max lazy, untrustworthy deceitful and even warned the UK Citizenship officers that allowing Max to have UK citizenship would somehow destroy the UK. Max befriended The Grump a Scot, and leader of the Every Single One Party, he believed Max and was his strongest advocate to the UK Citizenship officers trying to persuade them to allow Max citizenship. On the 17th of March, due to all the accusations that were thrown at Max, Simon Hind the leader of the UK Citizenship officers denied Max citizenship for the United Kingdom. However, due to an impassioned appeal from many other officers, from the Grump, from Max himself and the fact that Lex, Stanley and Inwegen had failed to provide any evidence to back up their vicious claims, Simon reversed his decision on the same day and granted Max UK citizenship.

Max began to start businesses in the UK such as grain farms, food factories and even an Aluminium Mine. Max continued to work hard to try and prove that he was a good citizen, hard working and could be trusted. However, he decided that as he was still such a new citizen and the hate campaign against him had resulted in a lot of distrust, Max would skip the May 2011 Congress elections.

June 2011

After befriending many Members of Every Single One, The Unity Party and the United Kingdom Reform Party, Max became interested in UK politics and began to ask many of the Prime Ministerial Candidates questions relating to economic policy. Max eventually supported Every Single One candidate jamesw and intended to benefit from the grant scheme jamesw promised to start up to help provide new land to UK citizens, however, Max later learned he was ineligible to receive such funds.

Still unsure of which party to join Max decided to join none of the Top 5 and instead join a small party the Liberal Conservative Party, which was a party with only 4 other members. On the 15th June, Max was elected Party President of the Party, however, decided to resign when 3 members also left the party realising that although he was Party President it was such a small party they wanted to move into the bigger parties.

On the 22nd of June Max responded to an advertisement for people to join the United Kingdom Reform Party and run for Congress, Max signed up and became a candidate for the South East of England and was placed as a provisional official candidate. He began campaigning and was able to message over 300 citizens requesting there vote. However on the 24th, problems with Max's application became aware, and Max learned that he had not applied correctly as he had not filled in a forum form and was therefore ineligible to participate, however, Max was not aware of such a form. After a brief disagreement with Party President Michael Crookes, Max accepted that he had not fulfilled all the terms to run for Congress with the UKRP, however, he was still annoyed that there was no mention that he had to join this forum and so Max left the UKRP and instead went to ESO. He then decided to leave South East of England, and move to the region of Scotland, United Kingdom instead to live with his friend The Grump.

Around this time Max learnt from Josh Whitehead that his old friend, and now nemesis, Stanley Ibcus had won election as Party President on the 15th June for the USWP and had begun to destroy the party, renaming it Sees Reformed, and kicking out so-called elite members of the party. Max's former mentor Princefigs announced he would be running for the Party President post on July 15th and would try to restore the USWP to its once former glory. Princefigs asked Max to help and requested he move back to the US and help Princefigs defeat Stanley, however, Max declined this offer as Max was trying to focus on his election campaign at the time. Not disheartened, Princefigs promised Max that if he were successful in reclaiming the party, that Max would be welcome back any time.

July 2011

July began with Max falling in the national rankings as he struggled to pay off his debts from expanding his businesses. He was having to spend most of his GBP and Gold earned on repaying debts. However, his younger brother Alex Keys was able to loan him the money to pay off all his other debts and promised Max he would charge no interest and that Max could pay him back when he was able. Max was free from debt trouble and he was able to focus on continuing to build up his businesses as well as fighting more to gain experience and level up in National rankings.

Max applied to Jamesw to become a member of his shadow cabinet as one of two Minister's of Foreign Affairs, however, he was unsuccessful. Still he continued to help Jamesw with his election campaigning, taking a very active role in the campaign mass messaging many other players. The campaign was successful and Jamesw was re-elected Prime Minister of the UK.

On the 6th July, Max set up the Hawkeye Express and received over 40 votes and 25 subscribers for his first article alone. On the 12th July Max returned to the USA, this time to the State of Iowa in order to help Princefigs with his campaign for Party President and also to consider a bid for Congress on the 25th of that month. On the 12th July, Max successfully regained his position in the Zombie Hord and became a Member of Member Services once more. On 15th, Princefigs came 3rd in the Party President election in the final run-off round Max cast his vote for eventual winner Josh Frost.

On 20th July Max was selected by the USWP to run for Congress on the 25th, but in the Inci dominated state of Nebraska. On the 21st, Max moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and on the 22nd began his mass messaging and friend requesting campaigns. On election day, after 3 mass messaging rounds, many personalized, Max managed to come 3rd out of 10, narrowly missing out on a seat as he needed to come in the top 2. He garnered 14.29% of the vote. After a brief stop in Wyoming, Max joined the United States Armed Forces on the 26th in Boot Camp, and graduated to the main Army on the 27th, upon orders, he moved back to Iowa on the 28th.

August 2011

For the first few days of August Max helped his friend Cerb campaign to become President of the United States. On the 5th August Cerb won the Presidential elections and Max was made an Intern in the State Department. He also moved to Ohio occupied by Poland to help the liberation war going on there. On 6th August Max was sworn in as an Intern at the State Department. After moving around occupied territories fighting resistance wars for the US resistance forces, and briefly settling in New York, Max decided to move permanently to Iowa. However, this was cut short when on the 20th August he was selected to run for the Senate seat in Indiana requiring Max to move there to start his campaign. After a big campaign, Max eventually won the state of Indiana with 47.37% of the vote on August 25th. He was sworn in the next day. Max continued his work as a Senator but decided to go and see more of The New World and dedicated himself to international diplomacy and travelling the world.

September 2011

Max began the month strong receiving many offers for cabinet positions. However, while travelling through Transilvania in Romania on the 1st of September the international police wrongly accused Max of fraud and impersonating another player, sentencing him to 2 days in a Romanian prison as well as giving his friend CrazyConnor Kid a life sentence. On the 3rd Max was released from prison and headed to Campania, Italy. Also, he began several appeals to the international police to release his friend CrazyConnorKid from jail. On 4th August Max rebranded The Hawkeye Express into The Regal Chronicles. On 5th August 2011, Alexander Auctoritas won the Presidential elections and made Jelly9473 the Secretary of State. Jelly9473 appointed Max King as his Deputy Secretary. On the 12th of September Max left USAF for more freedom. Over the next few days Max began to win many medals, he completed his Mercenary medal as well as gaining another Super Soldier. On the 17th, Max successfully went to Alaska which was occupied by Canada and led a rebellion and managed to liberate the region. However, during the battle, he was wounded and fell into a coma lasting over a month.

November 2011

Max awoke in a hospital in Juneau, Alaska on 1st November. He began to rebuild his finances, businesses and military capabilities before deciding to start a brand new adventure. On 8th November when Albania was admitted to the New World and Serbia had regained control of Kosovo Max decided he would go to Albania to help develop the brand new country. However, borders were still blocked for the time being forcing Max to stay in neighbouring Kosovo for a few days. The native Albanians however decided to not allow foreigners into their country and so Max instead decided to return home to his real life country of the UK. He moved to the South West of England, and after a prolonged wait, was finally granted citizenship on 30th November 2011, and joint The Unity Party and the United Kingdom Special Forces. He watched with satisfaction as Serbia and Montenegro took control of all Albanian territory.

December 2011

In December after negotiations with the head of the British Army and Special Forces, Kravenn, Max was placed in the British Army, and told he would need to work his way up to the special forces. Max left The Unity Party on the 9th finding himself more aligned with the UK Reform Party. On the 15th, Max decided to run for the captain of his regiment. He won with 80% of the votes of his regiment. He also was selected to run for parliament in the UK in the East Midlands, however, as the UK was conquered on the day before election day, he was again unable to run. This caused Max to move to Paris in order to fight in resistance wars to get the UK back on the map.


In 2012, it was found out that Max was a member of Canadian Armed Forces.


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