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Max Planck

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 395
Date of birth May 22, 2017
Residence Honolulu, Hawaii
Sex Male
Political party Socialist Freedom Party (SFP)
Faith The Church of Latter Day Harambe
Newspaper The Collider
Director of DoCA
8/11/2017 – 9/2/2017
Served under WhydoibotherToo
Preceded by Tom Cauchon
Succeeded by Herr Vootsman
Spokesman of SFP
Congress member of USA
Party president of SFP
SoM of James S. Brady Press Room
Served under WhydoibotherToo
Preceded by just another George
President of USA
Military unit Bear Cavalry
Squadron 3
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 4.png Squadron Leader****

Maxwell Hanz; renamed to Max Planck in 2019.

political orientation: centrist

Maxwell Hanz was born in USA, on May 22 2017. He started off poor and hungry. An orphan on the street working for very little where ever He could. He made his way up in life by learning how to craft and market weapons whenever the market could allow. Under the table, and over the counter he sold weapons by the hundreds until he finally had enough for some land and business of his own. He founded Iron Mountain Co. in Honolulu, Hawaii at level 25. From here he made a series of investments that seemed to be an infinite process of rewards.

From there he got up the cash and reputation among citizens of the USA to go in for a part-time career as a Journalist. He founded the newspaper Rise Of a Noob at level 26. From here he started to interview Congressmen, Party presidents, Country Presidents, and MU leaders sifting his way through the byzantine web of politics that is the USA. The more papers he published the more he realized he should start his career as a politician. So with the help of the Party President of the SFP Phil Harmony he was able to secure a spot in the Congress.

Early Political Career

After securing a position in Congress, he met Jimmy Cincinnati who would eventually become the next Party President. He recognized Maxwell's ability to write and allowed him to become the Spokesperson for the SFP. Maxwell would go on to run again for Congress again successfully, this time helping new players and gaining experience from an intense job of publishing for the Freedom Writers Guild. He was asked to be the Secretary of Media for Jimmy Cincinnati in his July-August 2017 CP run. Jimmy Cincinnati lost that race to WhydoIbotherToo. Soon after Maxwell joined the Church of Latter Day Harambe as an acolyte and has been spreading Harambe's Holy Teachings ever since.

SFP Spokesperson And The Start of Hanz's Freedom Fighter Career

During Jimmy Cincinnati's July Party Presidential term, Maxwell served as Spokesperson of the SFP. His job was to manage the Freedom Writers Guild and to publish SFPOM. He often paid writers for there articles and did what he could to provide as much info as possible about candidates and party programs. During this time Maxwell would draw the attention of the government and in doing so made some friends and some enemies. During the term, he received inside knowledge on how programs work. He would study programs past and present and try to decide which was the most efficient. One day Maxwell's close friend Khorek asked him if he ever wanted to be a Freedom Fighter. Maxwell had served in Bear Cavalry previously. He decided that he would join Khorek and together they established the Expeditionary Resistance Force. In creating this MU they would hope to answer the call of Freedom worldwide. Maxwell Hanz decided to run for SFP Party President for August-September. His campaign was a rigorous round the clock job. He reached out to every member of the SFP one by one and replied to all of them. In doing so he learned the concerns of the party and established a precedent for the other candidates. He reached out to several key members of the SFP and a new player to be apart of his cabinet. During his campaign, his articles told of what he would do if he received the office.

 As your current Spokesperson and as a Congressmen, I am working closely with some of the major players in the SFP to bring Programs, connectivity, opportunity, and representation to the new players and the old players of the SFP.

As this would be my first term as Party President it was a good idea prior to my running that I get at least a few players with seniority as advisers. I have assembled a dynamite team and am ready for the coming challenges.

I will be surrounded by former Party Presidents, and members of the party who have served in a large portion of the roles this party has to offer. We intend to bring badly needed communication, education, supplies, and programs to the newer members of the party along with furthering the recent attempts of the SFP to dominate the media. We will continue to make sure all voices of the SFP are heard and represented by fair and just leadership, while simultaneously growing and nurturing our future representatives.

We will be moving to try to find common ground where we can with the other major parties and will be working to improve communication and understanding. I will be setting up a team of players to recruit new blood for the party

Phil Harmony along with several other candidates did what they could to try to win the election but was ultimately defeated at the ballot. Maxwell Hanz won the race with 56.82% of the vote. Soon after He was offered the position of Head of the DoCA by President Whydoibother2 and he graciously accepted.

Party Presidential Term

After Maxwell won the Party Pres. race he decided to focus more on his political career instead of journalism. During his somewhat controversial term, he advocated for free speech and fair rules for the SFP Discord, the paying of Freedom Writers, and Increasing the size of the SFP. He managed to accomplish 2/3 of his goals in office. When Former Party President Phil Harmony breached the original rules of the SFP Discord in protest, Maxwell took a controversial stance by not denouncing Phil. He decided to try to reason with Phil and to advocate a less arbitrary set of rules. This allowed for the rules to protect your freedom of speech while also protecting the rights of others.

Soon after Maxwell asked the Revolutionary Committee to pass a budget for paying Freedom Writers, as he had been paying writers out of pocket for the past term. There was a little bit of debate for a few days and a resolution was called to be voted on. The resolution would seek to ask a non-mandatory endorsement of Flag-USA.jpg 100 USD to select articles from voting RC members. Some were in favor of this resolution but most had concerns on their own liberties and accountability. Others stressed concerns on article content and necessity. Ultimately the resolution had been shot down; However, Maxwell continued to pay writers out of pocket unconditionally. He would seek to build up more momentum for his cause and make this one of the central standpoints of his next campaign. He would use the time to reform his ideas and to think about DoCA programs.

After advocating for a budget turned resolution Maxwell went on to form a private committee on Recruitment. On this committee He enlisted Former Party Pres. and High Priest of the Church of Latter Day Harambe, Salty, and SFP Vice Pres. chriscoded. They proceeded to launch a highly successful recruitment campaign giving the SFP several new members. By the end of it, the SFP had risen to become the second largest party in USA. He would push to establish a new tab in the SFP discord for documentaries and the Free University of Phoenix Quinn. He would use this tab to post videos about various American politicians so that future players could study. In doing this he hoped to produce more crafty and intelligent congressmen and the like.

Soon after, the CP election was drawing near. In a vote held on the SFP forum, Melissa Rose received the SFP endorsement and went on to win the Presidency. Maxwell would be apart of her term working in the DoCA only this time he would have to step down as Director of the DoCA. Nearing the end of his term Maxwell endorsed Salty for Party President. Salty deserved it because of how much work he had done during Maxwell's term. Soon after several other players announced that they had been added to the ballot and Salty decided to resign from the election. Without a candidate to endorse Maxwell turned to JA Lake a longtime player who wanted to reform the party and the SFP constitution. JA Lake had asked Maxwell if he would be his Spokesperson for his September-October term. Maxwell agreed due to the fact that he had gotten increasingly worn out working as a politician. He felt that writing would help bring him back to his center. JA Lake won the election in an incredibly close ballot winning by just a handful of votes.

 First of all, let me just start by saying thank you to the many comrades of the SFP who helped get me in office. Thank you to all the voters and party officials that make playing this game possible. Thank you to everyone who assisted me and helped point me in the right direction this term. Thank you.

I'd say that the biggest achievement of my Party Presidency was the recruitment team. About midway through my term, I had asked SFPVP chriscoded and SFPSG Salty if they would be apart of a recruitment team. They both agreed and we all went to work recruiting new players. I think you will find that we have more members now than when I came to office and for that, I can be proud.

The coming term will be a test of our party. Whether it be serious reformers or strong revolutionaries we are in for a ride

Overall I think this has been a beautiful experience for me. I've learned more in office as SFP Party President than I ever have. Thank you again for allowing me to be your Party President.
(PP Closing Statements)

Role As Spokesperson Under JA Lake

Maxwell started off the term going full speed. He quickly established a strong and logical tone while working on the RC. Soon after the start of Lakes term, Lake asked Maxwell if he would lead a recruitment team to increase the size of the party. Party membership was of 90 players at the time of the start of the recruitment team. Jimmy Cincinnati suggested Maxwell support a Resistance War in Moscow, Russia. They fought to liberate the Russians from the Turks. Maxwell was on the SFP Constitution Revision Committee. He suggested that the preamble to the new constitution include morals or ethics regarding the conduct of the party. He also suggested that a section is created that highlights safety measures that may or may not be needed in the future. Maxwell volunteered to be WHPS, and VP for Jimmy Cincinnati in his October-November CP run. He went on to launch a propaganda campaign using his newspaper. Jimmy ultimately lost that race to Wild Owl. Soon after the Party Presidential election was drawing near. Salty asked Maxwell if he would be interested in revising his role as SFP Spokesperson for the 3rd time. He graciously accepted. Salty made promises in his campaign such as continuing the active constitutional rewrite put forward by JA Lake, Run a highly motivated Country President candidate, prevent hostile forces from taking over the SFP, and to continue work in the Recruitment Team. In the race, Chickensguns a known PTO'er and traitor to the USA ran against Salty. The party took several actions to see Salty be the winner. In the end, Chickensguns had to resort to using multis in a desperate attempt to win. The multi votes are reflected in the percentages of the final election. Salty won the election with 50% of the vote to Chickenguns's 47.06%. In the end, Lake's term was considered highly successful and "one of the best terms in years" as quoted by Jimmy Cincinnati.

Role as Spokesperson Under Salty

Maxwell Hanz would help Chairman Salty in continuing the progress of Chairman Lake and the SFP Constitution Revision Group and by running the Freedom Writers Guild. He would spend most of his time as spokesperson writing and publishing SFPOM, Helping new players, and working on constitution revisions. Salty's term was plagued by a PTO attempt toward the end, and a lack of activity on the part of Salty. This created strong social conflicts as the PTO'er chickensguys tried to take advantage of unsuspecting newer players by using them for his cause. chickensguys also worked to create internal divisions by spreading misinformation about the Party President and other prominent figures of the SFP. Maxwell Hanz would work to expose the lies and misdeeds during the term. He used his role as Spokesperson to publicly denounce the antics of chickensguys. The denouncement included Vote Buying and the spread of misinformation. He also went on to encourage the use of civil debate as a means of political and social resolve. Furthermore, he endorsed the campaign of TheNorm and encouraged all active members of the SFP to vote him in office. He then went on to interview TheNorm. When election night came around Maxwell Hanz was one of the first to receive the message that chickensguys had sent out mass messages to a large number of players from across eUSA from multiple parties. In it, he claimed that he would be willing to pay 1000cc to any player who would vote for him. As a defensive measure, Maxwell sent out a mass message to all 120 SFP members by hand. He encouraged all members to vote for TheNorm. When the election came TheNorm won with 54.35% of the vote.

Role As Spokesperson Under TheNorm

Maxwell Hanz went into the next term very uncertain of how things would be operated. In fact, at the beginning of the term, Maxwell didn't even know if he was still Spokesperson. After a couple of days the Revolutionary Committee opened in the form of a group message and a congress call was issued. Soon after Maxwell would receive the news that he was to resume his role again. After the congress call, Maxwell ran for Congress successfully. He would spend the term writing SFPOM and working on the many layers of play being established such as the eInternationale and the continued revisions of the SFP Constitution. Two weeks before the Party Presidential election Maxwell Hanz would announce his candidacy. Near the end of his time as Spokesperson under TheNorm, Maxwell would move from Honolulu, Hawaii to Frankfurt, Kentucky. As election night drew closer voices started to get louder as several candidates were on the ballot. Maxwell Hanz won with 48.94% of the vote out of 94 voters against The Ghost of Phil Harmony, Rosa Violet Carson. Overall several people voted for other candidates resulting in a skewed vote for both major candidates. Maxwell would go on to be Party President for the second time.

2nd Party Presidential term

He went into his Second Party Presidential Term at full speed, quickly knocking out all priorities such as the Congressional Election and selecting the Revolutionary Committee. He launched a successful media takeover knocking out all non-SFP related articles out of T5. During his term, he would publicly denounce the following actions in an official declaration that the Revolutionary Committee approved of unanimously. Maxwell denounced Sexual Harassment, Verbal Harassment, Real Life Threats, Lies, Slander, and Multi-use. He did this due to the fact that the party had faced repeated attempts at being PTO'd and several players would use these tactics to their advantage. He then would open up discussion on revisions of the SFP Constitution.

Under Maxwell, the party would pass a proposal to bring back a previously changed section of the constitution. The enacted change would bring back much needed mechanical direction to the party and would allow the party to establish its goals in Domestic, International, and Economic Affairs. After the Section 6 Proposal passed, the party would quickly work to propose another change. This time the proposed change would deal with the Revolutionary Committee and would better disperse power monopolies within the Committee. The change looked to increase the number of voting members by two totalling out to 11 Voting Members, and to decrease the number of nominated voting members by 1 totalling out to 4 nominated Voting Members. Implementation of a larger voting body for the party was also under debate at this time.

Soon after the Congressional Delegation of the SFP would propose to decrease the Work Tax which had been previously increased from 1% to 3% to raise reserve funds. This change was highly unpopular with the majority of USA and the world as this increase Work Taxes by 300%. The SFP's Congressional Delegation proposed to lower the Work Tax to 2% and it passed by a wide vote margin. The Black Sheep Party were also key allies in this proposal passing as well as when later, several key Federalist and USWP Congressmen would propose to once again raise it but it would be shot down. Also by a wide vote margin. The SFP and Maxwell would go on to unofficially endorse a Black Sheep candidate and Party President at the time, Henry William French for Country President. All of this would help work to strengthen the political alliance between the BSP and SFP.

Soon after Maxwell would work to create a new program or rather revive the Young Socialist Program. It would come in the incarnation of the Mentorship Program. This program allowed new members to be Mentored by older members until level 30. Players could receive supplies when needed and crucial information as well as how to find it. The overall goal of the program was to educate and to help grow their newest members. By the end of Maxwell's term, party membership rose to over 140. During the Party Presidential election, Leon Gutierrez won with 64% of the vote. Towards the end of his term as Party President, he would release an article outlining the work done. In it, he would make the following closing statements.

 We have done quite a lot this term and I am very impressed by the Activity and Work that all of you have put into making this game better. I also want to thank the entire Revolutionary Committee for the long debates and many votes it took to give the party what we have worked for this term. The cabinet and RC started off going a million miles a minute and quickly discovered that we had to prioritize.

Some of the things I wanted to accomplish this term simply didn't happen due to RL time constraints as well as in-game constraints and prioritization. I will admit that I learned far more this term as your Party President than last time and I hope to carry that knowledge over into next time. My work for you and this wonderful party are far from over. I hope to have a hand in party leadership again in the future. Thank you all for electing me and believing in me.

In the meantime, we have an election coming up and with that in mind, I would like to say that a lot is at stake. Every vote will count and one should think very carefully about selecting a candidate this term. There are those who would stop at nothing to bring others down as well as the party. Everyone should try to make conscientious choices tomorrow. Here are my suggestions for The Party Presidential Election: Leon Gutierrez, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, and Recks.
(PP Closing Statements)

Role As Spokesperson Under Leon Gutierrez

During Leon's term as Party President, Maxwell would be appointed to the role of Spokesperson and would be tasked with running Party Recruitment, The Freedom Writers Guild, creating an Art Initiative, and The Young Socialist Program. Shortly after the term started The Freedom Writers Guild had an influx of publications from multiple writers. Maxwell would work to structure the Young Socialist Program and to try to find players that excel in graphic design and writing. He also offered to pay writers for their publications. During Leon's party presidency Maxwell would end his "Rise of a Noob" Newspaper and would reestablish it as "The Collider". Maxwell would go on to run in the congressional elections and win a spot in the SFP delegation. Soon after USA would launch an egregious airstrike on Croatia, which Maxwell voted NO on. Due to it being a largely unpopular war, and because of poor planning, the Airstrike was a flop. The result was a strong retaliation from Croatia and its allies. They initially proposed an airstrike the day USA's was launched but it took them into the next day to vote. Once the strike was established Croatians were spotted over the skies of Kentucky, which fell into Croatian hands. The next day they would attack Indiana, while USA scrambled and failed to resecure Kentucky. Eventually, with the help of Pacifica, the USA was able to reconquer it's lost territory. In the days that followed Jimmy Cincinnati would be elected speaker of the house but would soon be impeached on a vote of 'No Confidence'. During the Party Presidential elections, Dillon Richards would run for Party President. He asked Maxwell to be his spokesperson and he won with 51.90% of the vote.

Role As Spokesperson Under Dillon Richards

At the start of this term, Maxwell was tasked with restarting a fixing the failed Mentorship Program and managing the Freedom Writers Guild. He would publish articles and pay writers for their work. After the congressional election in which the SFP won 11 seats in Congress, Maxwell joined the newly created SFP Meme Department that was operating under the Arts Initiative. He got a position as Deputy Director serving under Director Centomax. During Dillon's term, the party became the second largest in USA. Near the end of the term, Dillon and several other prominent figures of the SFP worked their way into the government and served in positions such as MoD, Governor, and various Deputy positions. Maxwell decided that after the next Party Presidential election that he would take more of a back seat role in party politics. Maxwell then decided his final act for the term would be to become the campaign manager of Centomax and together they ran a successful media push to get Centomax elected. When election night came around Centomax won with 39 votes totalling out to 65% of the vote.

Time Spent as an Advisor to the Party and as a Freedom Writer

Maxwell didn't do much during this time but toward the end of Centomax's term, he volunteered to be WHPS for WhydoibotherToo's CP campaign. WhydoIbotherToo won the CP race with 47.48% of the vote and with 198 votes. WhydoibotherToo appointed Middletopia as Maxwell's deputy. Maxwell would have quite a lot to write about due to the war that was being fought across the USA to protect its regions from Croatian, Thailand, Ireland, and Egypt, who managed to take several key regions like Kentucky.

Role as Secretary of Media for USA

During Maxwell's time as Secretary of Media, he would work with several government officials to produce articles under the James S. Brady Press Room. During this time Maxwell received his M.B.V degree (medicus bonae voluntatis -- Doctor of Good Will) from The FUPQ. This degree was awarded for "contributing consistently, week after week, numerous sensible, respectful, conversant and tuned-in observations as well as some very trenchant and discerning analyses regarding the intersections between eRepublikan concerns with despotism and the more weighty consequences of tendencies towards tyranny outside of our game world." It was during this time that the USA got nearly wiped. The USA government had to launch a coordinated effort to take back US territory. In the SFP, Dominar Rygel XVI became Party President. After a long-term, RainySunday won the USA CP election and Maxwell Hanz was asked to be Vice President of the SFP by a newer player and candidate for the SFP PP election, RobertGuajardo. Maxwell enthusiastically accepted and started to promote the candidacy.

Role as VP Under RobertGuajardo

When election day came on Day 3829, Maxwell and several other longtime members of the SFP decided that their votes would go to one of the newer candidates. The candidate selected for endorsement by these players was RobertGuajardo. During this election, some unknown entity asked the AFA to intervene they tried to skew the results. The attempt was unsuccessful and RobG won the race with 51 votes out of 100 voters and with 51% of the total vote. Maxwell would be working with the RC, The Mentorship Program, Recruitment, and the FWG during his time as VP. Toward the end of RobertGuajardo's term as party president Maxwell would announce that he would be running for the position.

Newer Age - President of the USA

In the newer age, Max continued to served as party member of SFP and served as a soldier and 2nd Commander of Expeditionary Resistance Force, later moving to the SFP unit - the Bear Cavalry.

In February 2019, Max was elected as the Country President and served 2 consecutive terms.