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McDonnell Douglas
Logo of McDonnell Douglas
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Headquarters Hawaii
Subsidiaries Globemaster Transport
Side Arms
Amber Waves
Infinity Diamonds
Hopewell Furnace
Founded Day 413
Founder Eugene Harlot
Industries Manufacturing, Raw Materials
Products Weapons, Moving Tickets, Grain, Diamonds, Iron

McDonnell Douglas, owned by Eugene Harlot, was founded with the mission of supplying reasonably priced equipment to meet the needs of the United States of America government during times of conflict. Originally conceived to provide low-cost moving tickets to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) through subsidiary Globemaster Transport.

McDonnell Douglas later acquired raw material assets through the bequest of brithlem. brithlem served with Eugene Harlot in the Marine Corps and upon his passing, brithlem left parts of Infinity Corporation to his long-time commander.

Globemaster Transport

Globemaster Transport was founded with the intent of supplying low cost moving tickets to the United States Marines Corps and the American Military in times of conflict. Globemaster Transport was "Marine-powered" in that it employs US Marines for high productivity at low cost to supply needed combat equipment. Globemaster maintained business alliances with Sure Shot USA, KANACKAS Oil and other businesses owned and operated by America's war-fighters.

Globemaster derives its name from the McDonnell Douglas's C-17 Globemaster III, the heavy transport of the US Military. Globemaster Transport was based in Manhattan, Kansas.

Amber Waves

Infinity Grain was founded by brithlem. and renamed into Amber Waves when acquired by McDonnell Douglas.

Amber Waves produced Quality 3 grain in the fertile high plains of Washington State within view of the Cascade Mountains. The Company headquarters was in Seattle. Amber Waves had export licenses to Switzerland and Sweden.

Infinity Diamonds

Infinity Diamonds was founded by brithlem. Infinity Diamonds mines Quality 4 diamonds in the frozen tundra of the remote Canadian Province of Nunavut. The Company headquarters are in Yellowknife. Infinity Diamonds had export licenses to the United States of America, Germany and Romania.

Hopewell Furnace

Aggressively diversifying in raw materials, McDonnell Douglas acquired Hopewell Furnace on March 18, 2009. Hopewell Furnace produced iron for the US government weapons companies to manufacture America's weapons of war. On April 23, 2009, Eugene Harlot assigned ownership rights to the USMC. The company was afterwards known as eUSMC Strategic Iron Reserve. The headquarters of the company was in Nevada.

Side Arms

McDonnell Douglas acquired Side Arms on March 26, 2009. Side Arms was manufacturing weapons for combat, tactical and personal defense. Side Arms was based in International Falls, Minnesota, USA.