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Medvedi v4.jpg

Once a Bear, Bear 'till Death

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Total Soldiers 55
Commanded by Kuekuatsu.
2nd Van Sebe
Commanders zastavnik Lukakgb
Part of Vojska eSrbije

Medvedi (Eng. The Bears) is a Serbian military unit, part of regular Army of Serbia (Vojska eSrbije), formed in June 2009.


The beginnings were hard for Serbian troops in Summer 2009. Serbia was under occupation, and regular army was formed in Hungary.

Army of Serbia was split in brigades, at that time brigades were called by numbers. Later they got the names of animals all except Elite. The fifth brigade was named Medvedi (The Bears). Ministry of Defence put IvanSerbia in charge. So, on the paper, he is the very first bear.

IvanSerbia found himself in a hard position while he was trying to create organization and work for soldiers. There was a little or no food, companies were weak and only q1, people were unhappy and disapprove orders. But he managed to hold the unit together in those difficult times.

After him, came the legendary Marko Despotovic, second commander of the Medvedi unit. His hard work made the Bears great as they are today. Right by his side were his deputy DarlingOn and Sveti Petar. Together they managed to upgrade and buy few Q5 factories and made cornerstone for all successes in the future.

Third commander is sir Lazaera (Eden code name Che Guevara) and the fourth commander is Banko.

Current commander is Kuekuatsu.

 Jednom Medved, uvek Medved. Medved do Smrti. 
(Marko Despotovic)
  I remember, when my friend and I had started to play, it was The Slavonia battle, and the battle has been entering the final, decisive moments. And my friend said: " The Bears are here, the end of the battle is near ". 
(Zivojin I)


At the moment, the Bears are accepting any soldiers in the unit.

One of the main things that makes the Bears, is "No politics" rule. Politics in any form is strictly forbidden in unit "Grizli - stay away from politics, politics is evil!". Anyone interested in the Bears can come to public channel #meca.akademija on Rizon IRC network.

Command structure (April 2014)

A unit is led by commander Banko, deputy commander is srebrenko and the other officers are o1dschool , Sasa Prole, zastavnik Lukakgb and Kuekuatsu.

The Bears are split into 7 battalions of 10 soldiers, and 1 Academy battalions also with 10 soldiers each. In the Bears commanding structure, there are officers for each battalion.

Following are battalion officers:

1st battalion - Van Sebe

2nd battalion - Kuekuatsu

3rd battalion - lukakgb

4th battalion - prole92

5th battalion - srebrenko

6th battalion - Simovic Darko

1st Academy battalion - El Bastardo o.O.