Memory of the New World

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Memory of the New World Project
Logo of Memory of the New World Project
Owner Kazuo Leblanc
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Headquarters Scotland
Founded 11/11
Founder Kazuo Leblanc
Services Heritage

The Memory of the New World Project was an initiative to recognize outstanding writing and articles that are crucial to understand the common heritage of the New World. It was begun in November 2011 by Kazuo Leblanc.



Articles were judged and added to the collection based on the following criteria:

  • History: The article documented a historical event for a nation or the New World that irrevocably changed its course.
  • Cultural: The article explained a cultural phenomenon unique to the New World.
  • Pioneer: The article documented the first presence of a national institution, or an otherwise notable occasion.
  • Literary: While not meeting any other criteria, the article demonstrated the finest writing a nation had to offer.

Collection of Memory

This article lists articles that have been admitted to the collection of the Memory of the New World.

Language Author Paper Country Article Criteria Description Original Publication Added to Collection
English Chucky Norris The Norris Times Canada From the Archives of eCanada Historical A multi-part primer of world history, PM Norris details many major events from a Canadian perspective. Day 1042 Day 1444
English Acacia Mason The Northern Telegraph Canada Northern Exposure 5/21/2010 Pioneer While Canadians had taken to the airwaves prior to this date, this marks the inaugural episode of Canada's most popular current affairs programme. Day 913 Day 1444
Spanish Soledad Cabrera La Voz de Luisa Lane Uruguay Mi mundo es este (This is my world) Cultural Capturing the general malaise of the New World during that time, Cabrera reflects on two years of playing in the New World. Day 1414 Day 1444
English CrowdedHouse The Victorian Press Australia Western Australia - The Fallout From the Decision Historical This article marked a turning point in the New World's opinion of the admins, following the contentious Battle of Western Australia where a bug caused a battle to remain open, allowing victory to shift from Australia to Indonesia. Day 876 Day 1444