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Mercurius100 Avatar.jpg
Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth February 15 2009
Residence Cork, Ireland
Newspaper Making a Better World
Military unit The Activity
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mercurius100 is a Icon-USA.pngUSA expatriate currently living in Icon-Ireland.pngIreland.

A retired political and military leader and black market businessman, Mercurius100 currently works as an author and new player mentor.

Personal Information

Mercurius100 was born on the 15th of February 2009 in Pennsylvania, USA. Aside from a brief time living in California to help fortify the state against pending invasion, Mercurius100 has maintained his primary residence in the fortress state of Florida. Mercurius100 currently resides in his vacation home in Cork, Ireland "so my writing can benefit from the relative peace and quiet."

Political Career

In May 2009 Mercurius100 begun his political career as a recruiter for America's Advancement Party. Through hard work in party recruiting for the then 5th-ranked AAP Mercurius100 was quickly promoted to also work on and eventually lead the AAP's Congressional campaign operations.

Nominated by the retiring Aren Perry in July 2009, Mercurius100 became Party President of the AAP. In his 5 terms as Party President Mercurius100 helped the AAP to grow to be the largest political party in the eWorld and a leading power in USA politics. Mercurius100 also served one term in Congress for the AAP, winning election to represent then-occupied Vermont during World War III.

After a brief time spent on non-political activities and a longer time spent being dead, Mercurius100 returned to politics in January 2013 by founding the American Progressive Party, serving 3 terms as Party President and growing the party into a leader among 6th parties in the USA.

In April 2013 Mercurius100 took a position working to help rebuild the United States Workers Party. Mercurius100 served one term as USWP Secretary General under then Party President rainy sunday and one term as Party Vice President under Othere.

Since June 2013 Mercurius100 has remained politically independent, serving one term as an independent Congressman from August-September 2013.

Mercurius100 requested and was granted Irish citizenship in October 2013. Seeking to stay out of party politics during his semi-retirement Mercurius100 remains politically independent.

Military Career

Mercurius100 joined The Activity in February 2013 to help with the MU's work on new player retention and education. Under Commander EnterAwesome Mercurius100 was named 2nd Commander in charge of member education and training.

Appointed Commander in March 2013 after EnterAwesome's retirement, Mercurius100 served as Commander of The Activity until October 2013. Under his command The Activity grew to have the most daily fighters in both Divisions 1 and 2 of any USA Military Unit.

Mentoring as a Profession

Mercurius100 has made a career of working with and mentoring new eRepublik players.

From February-May 2013 Mercurius100 has served the USA Department of Education first as as Mentor, then Director of Mentors for the American University, and later as Deputy Secretary of Education.

In both his political and military careers Mercurius100 has focused on working to educate new players about all things eRepublik and how to be better citizens.

Mercurius100 currently publishes original guides for new players through his newspaper. His writings for new players have been reprinted by both the USA Department of Education and Portugal's Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social.

Mercurius100 is currently a mentor for the eRepublik Mentorship Program for the USA.

Business Career

Mercurius100 had a brief yet successful career as a black market House seller in 2010.