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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Mercury Enterprises Ltd.
Logo of Mercury Enterprises Ltd.
Owner emilio sanchez
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Headquarters Ontario
Subsidiaries Suncor Grain,
Fairfax Wood Products,
Eclipse Gifts,
Fairfax Wood Products,
Prestige Housing
Founded November 2008
Founder emilio sanchez
Industries Raw materials, Manufacturing, Construction
Products Grain, Wood, Gift, Iron, House
Services Investments, Loans
Colours Black,

Mercury Enterprises Ltd. was a Canadian corporation that was started back on November of 2008. It was founded by emilio sanchez shortly after the launch of V1, and started one of eCanada's first grain companies (Suncor Grain.) It was founded to take advantage of the newly introduced Raw Materials industry, and within a month of Mercury being founded, Fairfax Wood Products was also founded.

It was planned to make Mercury Enterprises an international conglomerate that will offer affordable products to citizens in the various countries it is located in.

Once the ERX (eRepublik Stock Exchange) is opened, Mercury Enterprises will offer stocks that will allow future plans to take place. Like expansion into other countries, and opening of new companies.

Info: After the first housing company was sold to benefit a great charity, another housing company was created.

Subsidiary Companies

Suncor Grain

Suncor Grain was a Q2 grain company located in Saskatchewan.

Fairfax Wood Products

Fairfax Wood Products was a Q2 wood company located in Nova Scotia.

Eclipse Gifts

Eclipse Gifts was a Q1 Gift company located in Ontario.

Fairfax Iron Products

Fairfax Iron Products was a Q1 Iron company located in Asturias, Spain.

Prestige Housing

Prestige Housing was a Q1 Housing company located in Ontario.

Quantum Investments Inc.

Quantum Investments Inc was located in London, eUK. It was started on January 2008 as a way to help raise capital for Mercury. But it has done so well that it operated independently of Mercury.

Quantum has quickly gained trust, and respect through it's borrowers, and others who do business with it.

Company Website

  • Company website was operated by Mercury Enterprises and Quantum Investments for anyone to visit.