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Dead citizen

Michael Hanson


Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth 21 November 2008
Date of death June 2009 (est)
Sex Male
Newspaper The Intellingecer
Congress member of Gauteng
26 March 2009 – 25 April 2009
Military unit South African Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant***.png Lieutenant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Michael Hanson (born 21 November 2008) was a politician and soldier of South Africa. The actual date of his death is unknown but it was discovered in June 2009.

Early Life

Michael Hanson was born in the USA on 21 November 2008. Struggling with what seemed to be limited options for his life, Hanson encountered friendship with politician and entrepreneur scrabman, whose support provided the impetus for him to advance onward with life. Demonstrating an interest in combat, he enlisted in the National Guard, where he was pushed into prime physical fitness with a daily training regime that he continues to present day.

Hanson was deployed to his first battles during three consecutive engagements in the French Invasion of the World War II, an epic conflict that commanded international headlines in December. Through this experience, the young soldier graduated from his training program and was transferred into a regular unit with the rank of corporal.

On the domestic front, Hanson aligned with the minor political party, the Yellow Party, having been attracted by the centrist message espoused by its leader, Lowell Kennedy. While a party member, Hanson participated in a campaign to grow YP into the sixth largest American party. Through these efforts, he gained valuable political experience in party infrastructure and management. Officially, he would serve in minor party of recruiter, historian, and forum moderator.

By February 2009, however, Hanson was suffering from discontent with his livelihood in USA. Following conversations with his friends and some knowledgeable compatriots, Hanson expatriated to the partially occupied nation of South Africa.


A new patriot

On 10 February 2009, Michael Hanson joined the South African Paratroopers, a mobile armed unit of the independent South African government which encouraged foreign enlistment. Hanson was fighting in conflicts as they sprung up across Asia, Europe, and North America, financing his mercenary lifestyle with the remnants of his American savings. Only with war experience, he recognized, would he become a respected South African soldier, and potentially, be able launch a public career in the future.

Politically, he signed up with the Black Lion Front with earnest, attracted by the party's strong social message and historically militant attitude toward the nation's ongoing occupation by Indonesia. With the election of Hanson's South African friend Jizzie McGuire to the presidency in March 2009, he was promoted to a position in the new military hierarchy established by Brendan E Austerion, Director of Defense. Hanson was appointed Deputy Field Commander of the South African Armed Forces, a fitting advancement considering his nearly month-long deployment between battles and resistance wars.

World Movements

The following table documents the travel of by Michael Hanson through eRepublik, excluding one-day trips such as votes or movement through countries due to wartime travel bans.

Region/Country Motive Date of Arrival Date of Departure
Gauteng, Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Congressional term 20 March 2009 Present
Shanghai, Icon-China.png China Fight in liberation of Shanghai from Pakistan 17 March 2009 20 March 2009
Free State, Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Leave of duty 14 March 2009 17 March 2009
Western Cape, Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia "Sightseeing" 9 March 2009 14 March 209
Muntenia, Icon-Romania.png Romania Warring 25 February 2009 9 March 2009
Free State, Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Vote in Congressional elections 23 February 2009 25 February 2009
Sardinia, Icon-Italy.png Italy Fight against Switzerland 23 February 2009 23 February 2009
Central Greece,Icon-Turkey.png Turkey Fight in liberation of North District, Israel 18 February 2009 23 February 2009
Florida,Icon-USA.png USA Fight in war games for Azores, Portugal 13 February 2009 18 February 2009
Western Cape,Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia Potential for resistance battle 10 February 2009 13 February 2009
Florida,Icon-USA.png USA Fight in Invasion of France (World World II) 7 December 2008 10 February 2009
New York,Icon-USA.png USA Birth 21 November 2008 7 December 2008

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Hard Worker (x3)
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