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The Mighty Awesome Power Writers is a group of Americans dedicated to writing and maintaining the United States article and other US-related articles on the wiki.


The team was proposed by Emerick to the US congress on June 26, 2009.[1] It was met with great enthusiasm by congress and was approved in 3 hours by 5 members of congress.

Mighty Awesome Power Writers Structure


The Zordon is the leader of the team. He serves as the overseer and manager of the team. His job is to keep the team motivated and working by offering suggestions for articles to edit or create, and offering help in any other way possible. He also takes note of which editors are working, and submits their names to the Congressional Budget Office for their weekly pay of one gold.

Swooping Overlords

These editors have no specific set goals, other than editing any US related articles. They are the freelancers of the group.

Backwards Walking Bears

They work on getting and keeping any articles concerning or dealing with US history up to date. At the inception of the team, the US History page was severely lacking.

Butthole Hater Trolls

The Butthole Hater Trolls focus on the party's pages and how the parties are handled on the main page.

The Yearbook Staff

Make and update pages for major US citizens

Encyclopedia Galactica

The editors in the Encyclopedia Galactica team concentrate on articles relating to and explaining the purpose of the US government structure and government entities, such as the Congressional Budget Office.