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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 13 August 2008
Date of death 2009
Residence New York, NY
Newspaper eUSA Military Review
Director of Central Intelligence Agency
2 October 2008 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Mikaleus was a citizen of USA where he served as the Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Military Career

Mikaleus began his Life quietly, spending the first week researching and learning about the game mechanics. After a week he volunteered to join the fledgling National Guard and was assigned to the position of Squad Leader.

He climbed up the ranks in the National Guard and became Colonel of the 2nd Division of the National Guard after 2 months of active service.

Shortly before the implementation of V1 Mikaleus was appointed Executive Director of the newly created Central Intelligence Agency. The agency created by Roby Petric sometime in 2008 to accompany the FBI.

Political Career

Although Mikaleus has never campaigned for any prominent political role he has actively supported Uncle Sam for president during the September 1st Election. He also helped recruit members away from the Democratic Party to America's Advancement Party in order to get the AAP into 5th place.

After Uncle Sam's unsuccessful bid Mikaleus remained with the AAP and helped remove Evan Bayh as Party President due to his inactivity and running the party in a negative manner.


Known as a thinker and idea man in Beta version of the New World. He was one of the many citizens who were not going to take part in the V1 version of the New World. His thoughts on two version are explained in the last edition of his newspaper. Here is the summary:

1. The Beta was a proof of concept. What does this mean exactly? It means that the admin developed something to show investors, hey look, this works. Give us money, please? In this respect they were successful.

2. The Beta was about gathering content. This was wildly successful as the admins have taken some content written by players and actually incorporated it into the game itself. Do you need proof, just look to your right at the huge blue banner that says: 10 Steps... I remember when I first joined the US DoE sent me an article called: First 10 steps in eRep. I bet the admins didn't even say thank you for that.

3. The Beta was about getting ideas. They did get a lot of ideas, but they also missed out quite a few. Just look at all the complaints around, that should answer your question. Where did the ideas go?

4. The Beta was about getting comments. Well, seeing that the number 1 comments in Beta were, can't wait till V1, hope it rocks, and the comments in V1 are: V1 sucks. I think this was a major failing. All in all, Beta was not about really acting on ideas, suggestions, or comments. It was about gaining visitors and convincing investors that they could invest in something like eRepublik. The investors have jumped on so Beta is no longer needed. All they need now is for unique monthly visitors to increase. How can that happen? By making the game more Web 2.0 even if it means alienating a lot of the older players. In the end, the really hardcore younger gamers will probably stay on board since they want their "power" fix.