Military Decorations, Medals and Insignia of Iran Armed Forces

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Military Decorations, Medals and Insignia are military awards which recognize service, position, and personal accomplishments of a soldier while a member of Iran's Military. Together with military badges, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Members of Iran's Armed Forces are only allowed to wear these on their avatar or eRepublik wiki pages.

Military Decorations

The following ribbons are given to all those soldiers who have fought in the respective wars and battles of the military campaigns.

  • Textured ribbon - Hungary Romania.png Deers Campaign Medal Hungary-Romania war , Christmas 2011 , Deers region
  • Textured ribbon - France Poland.png French Christmas Campaign Medal French Christmas Campaign Medal , Poland Invasion of France
  • Textured ribbon - Iran USA.png Iran-USA war Iran-USA war Iran defeat USA in Balochistan
  • Textured ribbon - ONE Invasion of Bulgaria.png ONE_Invasion_of_Bulgaria Asian Campaign , ONE Invasion of Bulgaria
  • Textured ribbon - Iran China.png Iran China Campaign Medal Iran/China conflict , Iran China Campaign Medal
  • Textured ribbon - Iran Israel.png Iran Israel Campaign Medal Middle East War , Iran Israel Campaign Medal

Personal Military Medals

The following medals are awarded exclusively to soldiers for distinguished service in the Iran Armed Forces :

Conspicuous Gallantry Lion (CGL)
Conspicuous Gallantry Lion
Ribbon - Conspicuous Gallantry Lion.png
Textured ribbon - Conspicuous Gallantry Lion.png

The CGL is awarded to any member of the Iran Armed Forces who not only consistently performed their tasks to their best of their abilities but went above and beyond what’s expected from them and showed an extraordinary level of dedication to their branch in Iran-USA Wars.
Alternatively, a recipient can wear the Conspicuous Gallantry Lion ribbon.

Military Teams

AHOORA award

AHOORA military team was one of the best and powerful parts of Iran Armed Forces. The following insignia are awarded exclusively to soldiers for distinguished service in the AHOORA military team:

  • Textured ribbon - AHOORA.png AHOORA military team Medal