Military Decorations, Medals and Insignia of the British Armed Forces

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The Ministry of Defence

Military Decorations, Medals and Insignia are military awards which recognize service, position, and personal accomplishments of a soldier while a member of the British Armed Forces. Together with military badges, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member's career.

Generally, a senior officer or cabinet member will approach the designer for new medals. Prominent politician and community member Malta_1990 created all, if not most, of the ribbons up to and including the Amazon Campaign Medal ribbon, after which he became inactive enough that officer John F Baker took up the unofficial role.

Since the demise of the British Armed Forces, medals have generally not been issued, with the exception of the Azores medal of mid-2012.

Insignia Rules of Usage & Display

Service personnel of the British Armed Forces may wear and display a ribbon rack, medals and rank insignia on avatars, wiki pages and other display platforms provided that:

  1. Rank Insignia: The serviceman currently holds the rank corresponding to the insignia, or held it before voluntary resignation. A serviceman may not wear the insignia of any other rank than their current.
  2. Military Decorations & Honours: The serviceman has been publicly awarded the decoration or honour. Display of the medal OR the associated ribbon is allowed at any one time.
  3. Service Ribbons: The serviceman has served for 30 consecutive days in the service branch corresponding to the ribbon.
  4. Campaign Ribbons: The serviceman has fought in at least one battle for the campaign corresponding to the ribbon as a part of and as directed by the British Armed Forces.

Ribbon Rack Order of Precedence

Ribbon-Racks follow an order of precedence as follows:

  1. Military Decoration Ribbons by importance, most important first.
    1. Victoria Cross
    2. Conspicuous Gallantry Cross
    3. Distinguished Service Order
    4. Military Cross
  2. Service Medal Ribbons by order awarded, oldest first. Affix MID/KCVS pins to the service ribbon corresponding to the branch served in at the time of awarding. The service ribbon does not move position. If a MID and KCVS are both received for the same branch, only the KCVS is displayed.
  3. Military Campaign Medal Ribbons by order awarded, oldest first.
  4. Foreign Award Ribbons last (if multiple countries, country precedented by awarding), in that country's order of precedence.

Military Decorations

Military Service Medals

The following awards are given for military service of more than one continuous month in the corresponding branch of the British Armed Forces:

Currently operational

  • Textured UKAF Group GSM.png United Kingdom Armed Forces Group General Service Medal*

* While not issued directly by the Ministry of Defence, as the Armed Forces are a government-related organisation they can be said to have a place in this series, as the sole service medal still issued.

Defunct Service Medals

* UKSF servicemen are eligible to wear the Special Forces star directly on their British Army service ribbon [wikicode: {{Ribbon Devices|type=special-forces|ribbon=File:Textured New Army service.png}} ]

Campaign Medals

The following ribbons are given to all those soldiers who have fought in the respective wars and battles of the military campaigns which the UK Armed Forces have participated in:


Main article: Beta
  • Textured Unification.png
Belgian Unification Campaign Medal Belgian Unification Campaign Medal Belgium-United Kingdom War
  • Textured North american.png
North American Campaign Medal North American Campaign Medal USA-Canada War
  • Textured Indonesia australia.png
Australasian Campaign Medal Australasian Campaign Medal Indonesia-Australia War
  • Textured Italy switzerland.png
Alpine Campaign Medal Alpine Campaign Medal France-Switzerland War
  • Textured Germany poland.png
First Eastern European Campaign Medal First Eastern European Campaign Medal Germany-Poland War
  • Textured African.png
African Campaign Medal African Campaign Medal Indonesia-South Africa War
  • Textured Germany sweden.png
Southern Scandinavian Campaign Medal Southern Scandinavian Campaign Medal Second Sweden-Germany War

World War I

Main article: World War I
  • Textured Central european.png
First Central European Campaign Medal First Central European Campaign Medal World War I

World War II

Main article: World War II
  • Textured French.png
French Toast Campaign Medal French Toast Campaign Medal ATLANTIS Invasion of France
  • Textured Belgian.png
Belgian Independence Campaign Medal Belgian Independence Campaign Medal Brussels Rebellion
  • Textured South american.png
South American Campaign Medal South American Campaign Medal Brazil-Argentina War
  • Textured Asian.png
First Asian Campaign Medal First Asian Campaign Medal Romania-Indonesia War
  • Textured Czech.png
Czech Campaign Medal Czech Campaign Medal British Takeover of the Czech Republic
  • Textured Turkish.png
Turkish Resistance Campaign Medal Turkish Resistance Campaign Medal Greek & Israeli Independance Wars

World War III

Main article: World War III
  • Textured North atlantic.png
North Atlantic Campaign Medal North Atlantic Campaign Medal PEACE invasion of North America
  • Textured Nordic.png
Nordic Campaign Medal Nordic Campaign Medal British Invasion of Norway/Conflict with Sweden

World War IV

Main article: World War IV
  • Textured Central european 2.png
Second Central European Campaign Medal Second Central European Campaign Medal Hungarian Invasion of Slovakia
  • Textured Second asian.png
Second Asian Campaign Medal Second Asian Campaign Medal American Invasion of Asia
  • Textured New england.png
New England Campaign Medal New England Campaign Medal British Invasion of the USA
  • Textured Second eastern european.png
Second Eastern European Campaign Medal Second Eastern European Campaign Medal Polish Invasion of Germany
  • Textured Western european.png
Western European Campaign Medal Western European Campaign Medal Spanish Invasion of France
  • Textured Great british.png
Great British Campaign Medal Great British Campaign Medal EDEN Invasion of the United Kingdom
  • Textured Ulster.png
Ulster Campaign Medal Ulster Campaign Medal Northern Ireland Resistance War
  • Textured Amazon.png
Amazon Campaign Medal Amazon Campaign Medal Peru-Brazil War
  • Textured Valhalla.png
Valhalla Campaign Medal Valhalla Campaign Medal Second British Invasion of Norway
  • Textured Irish-Canadian.png
Ireland-Canada Campaign Medal Ireland-Canada Campaign Medal Ireland/Canada conflict
  • Textured East Asian.png
East Asian Security Medal East Asian Campaign Medal Defence of Liaoning & Eastern Siberia September 2010
  • Textured Second great british.png
Second Great British Campaign Medal Second Great British Campaign Medal Canadian & US invasion of the UK (+ Award-star-gold-3d.png*
for participation in the battles of London)

Type {{Ribbon Devices|number=3|type=award-star|ribbon=Textured Second great british.png}} for star

World War V

Main article: World War V
  • Textured Terra-UK WWV.png
UK-Terra 5th Great War Medal World War V: February 24th - April 25th, 2011
  • Textured Second Irish Invasion.png
Second Invasion of Ireland Campaign Medal Second UK-Ireland War: 11th May 2011 - Present
  • Textured Colonial Expansion Campaign.png
Colonial Expansion Campaign Medal Newfoundland June 30th, Prince Edward Island July 2nd or Midtjylland July 5th 2011

TWO Campaigns

  • Azores Campaign Medal
Azores Campaign Medal Azores June 20th 2012 - Ongoing
  • Falkland Campaign Medal
Falkland-upon-Sherwood Campaign Medal (Named for the site of the first target of Argentinian agression) UK April 2013
  • 2013 Irish Campaign Medall
Maintenance of Union by Force & Conflict 2013 Ireland Campaign Medal Ireland April-May 2013

Honours & Gallantry Awards

New Decorations

Inactive Decorations

The following medals are awarded exclusively by the Military Honours and Decorations Board to soldiers for distinguished service in the UK Armed Forces and also carry post-nominal letters:

Victoria Cross (VC)
Victoria Cross
Textured VC-Ribbon.png
Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC)
Conspicuous Gallantry Cross
Textured CGC-Ribbon.png
Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
Victoria Cross
Textured DSO-Ribbon.png
Military Cross (MC)
Military Cross
Textured MC-Ribbon.png
King's Commendation for Valuable Service (KCVS)
King's Commendation for Valuable Service
Mentioned In Despatches (MID)
Mentioned In Despatches

* Only one of each awarded King's Commendation for Valuable Service or the Mentioned in Dispatches ribbon, which it overrides, may be displayed and then only on the branch a soldier was a member of at the time of receiving the award.
(wikicode: {{Ribbon Devices|number=UK|type=mid|ribbon=INSERT_RIBBON_FILENAME.PNG}})

Recipients who already hold the UKSF star on the appropriate service ribbon may render both achievements.
(wikicode: {{Ribbon Devices|number=UK-multi|type1=special-forces|type2=mid|ribbon=INSERT_RIBBON_FILENAME.PNG}})

Civilian Awards

Serving military personnel that receive any level of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire as issued exclusively by the Honours Committee or Prime Minister are entitled to wear an Order of the British eRepublik Empire military ribbon:

  • Textured Order BE-Military.png Order BE-Military.png Order of the British eRepublik Empire (military division)

No new members of the Order have been appointed since mid 2011.

Ranks & Branches: Current and Historical

Military Branch OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 OR-6 OR-7 OR-8 OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-9 OF-10 OF-11
Flag-UK.jpg The United Kingdom Armed Forces Flag-UK.jpg
Army Training Corps.png
British Training Corps

- - - - - - - Army-Lieutenant.png
- - - Army-Colonel.png
- Army-Major General.png Staff-Major General-Decorative.png
Major General
- - Staff-Field Marshal.png Staff-Field Marshal-Decorative.png
Field Marshal
British Army v2.png
British Army
- Private.png
- - - - - - Army-Lieutenant.png
- - - Army-Colonel.png
- Army-Major General.png Staff-Major General-Decorative.png
Major General
- - Staff-Field Marshal.png Staff-Field Marshal-Decorative.png
Field Marshal
Special Forces Support Group.png
- - - - Airman.png
- - - RPR-Rank1.png
- - - RPR-Rank2.png
- RPR-Rank3.png
Major General
- - RPR-Rank4.png Staff-Field Marshal-Decorative.png
Field Marshal
Defunct Branches
Royal Navy.png
Royal Navy
- UKNavy OR2.png
Able Rate
- UKNavy OR4.png
Leading Rate
UKNavy OR5.png
Petty Officer
- - - - - - - UKNavy OF6.png
- UKNavy OF8.png UKRN-OF8-Decorative.png
Rear Admiral
- UKNavy OF10.png UKRN-OF10-Decorative.png
UKNavy OF11.png UKRN-OF11-Decorative.png
Admiral of The Fleet
Royal Air Force.png
Royal Air Force
- RAF-Aircraftman.jpg
- RAF-Corporal.png
- - - - - - - RAF-GroupCaptain.jpg
Group Captain
- RAF-AirViceMarshal.jpg
Air Vice Marshal
- RAF-AirChiefMarshal.jpg
Air Chief Marshal
Marshal of the RAF
British Army v2.png
British Army
- Private.png
- Corporal.png
- - - - - - - Army-Colonel.png
- Army-Major General.png Staff-Major General-Decorative.png
Major General
- Army-General.png Staff-General-Decorative.png
Army-Field Marshal.png Staff-Field Marshal-Decorative.png
Field Marshal
Special Air Service v2.png
Special Air Service (old)
- - - - SAS-Sergeant.png
- - - - Army-Colonel.png
- - - - - SAS-Major General.png
Major General
- - -
British Army.png
British Army (old)
- Private.png
Private / Air Trooper / Gunner / Trooper
Lance Corporal.png
Lance Corporal / Lance Bombardier
- - Army-Major.png Infantry-Colour Sergeant.png
Major / Colour Sergeant (ATC)
- Infantry-WO1.png
Sergeant-Major Instructor (ATC)
- Army-Lieutenant Colonel.png Army-Captain.png
Lieutenant Colonel / Captain (ATC)
- - - - Army-Brigadier.png
Army-Major General.png
Major General
Army-Lieutenant General.png
Lieutenant General
Army-Field Marshal.png
Field Marshal
Royal Navy.png
Royal Navy (old)

Able Rate.png
Able Rate
Leading Rate.png
Leading Rate
- - UKNavy OF3.png
- - - UKNavy OF6.png
- - - - Commodore.png
Rearadmiral.png UKRN-OF8-Decorative.png
Rear Admiral
Viceadmiral.png UKRN-OF9-Decorative.png
Vice Admiral
Admiral.png UKRN-OF10-Decorative.png
Fleetadmiral.png UKRN-OF11-Decorative.png
Admiral of the Fleet
Special Forces Support Group.png
Special Forces Support Group
- - - - SFSG-Corporal.png
- - - SFSG-LieutenantColonel.png
Lieutenant Colonel
- - - - SFSG-Brigadier.png
- SFSG-MajorGeneral.png
Major General
Field Marshal
Royal Marines.png
Royal Marines
- - - RM-Sergeant.png
- RM-Major.png
- - - RM-LieutenantColonel.png
Lieutenant Colonel
- - - - RM-Brigadier.png
- RM-LieutenantGeneral.png
Lieutenant General
Captain General
Parachute Regiment v2.png
Royal Parachute Regiment (old)
- - - - RPR-Rank1.png
- - - - - - - - - RPR-Rank2.png
Operational Logistics Distributor
- RPR-Rank3.png
Spare Master Chief Parachutist Commanderer
Supreme Master Chief Parachutist Commanderer
Royal Guard.png
Royal Guard
- Icon Private.jpg
- - - Icon Corporal.jpg
- - Icon Sergeant.jpg
Icon Lieutenant.jpg
- Icon Captain.jpg
- - - - Icon Colonel.jpg
Icon General.jpg
Royal Air Force.png
Royal Air Force (old)
- - - Airman.png
- - - - - - - - - - - Air Vice Marshal RAF.png
Air Vice Marshal
Air Marshal RAF.png
Air Marshal
Air Chief Marshal RAF.png
Air Chief Marshal
Marshal of the RAF.png
Marshal of the Royal Air Force