Military Dictatorship Party

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Military Dictatorship Party

Party-Military Dictatorship Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation MDP
National rank 8
Colors Red & Black
Founded December 15th 2010
President I-Bleed-Blue-93
Members 1
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian, Dictatorship
Military Dictatorship Party v2.jpg

Founded in December 2010, the Military Dictatorship Party use to always be the reactionary side of Canadian politics.

The MDP was founded as a result of a protest to the DAL's elitism and the complete inefficiency of the Canadian Parliament. Their initial goal was to continue to place more military-minded citizens in Congress and ensure progress is made on Canadian military policy. Since it re-emerged in November 2011 a more refined manifesto to polices have become what the MDP goes by, mainly sticking by the purpose of an efficient parliament.

In its glory days, the party had over 100 members.


The MDP was the brainchild of Rylde and powerown64 both outspoken critics of Canadian policy of the time and fairly established players in Canadian society. They came to the decision to found the party after they both realized the corruption and monopoly of DAL politics in Canadian society and quickly began gathering supporters and planning the foundation of the new party together. In December of 2010, they took the first steps by taking over the Progressive Conservative party in that month's election and renaming it the Military Dictatorship Party. Upon the changeovers completion a recruitment drive was organized by Rylde, Josh Carter, and Kilgore Trout 89 to boost its membership considerably. Under their guidance the MDP was able to achieve Top 5 status in less than 1 month bumping the prominent Canadian Paradox Party from the ranks of the Top 5.

After several successful months in Congress, the MDP fail out of the Top 5 and began to decline, and became dormant for a period of time until just recently. On the one year anniversary of the MDP's creation (December 2011), the parties founder Rylde began working to reestablish the MDP as a force in Canadian politics as acting dictator of the party.

After two consecutive months of party dictatorship Homer J Simpson gave the position to Sasha KammakitzJen in February 2012.

The MDP membership base has always consisted mainly of members from prominent Canadian military groups such as The Crimson Order, Canadian Armed Forces, etc. as well as people who believe strongly in the war being the dominant policy of the game and Canadian politics.

Leadership Structure

Each Party president shall have 3 or 5 advisers, these advisers shall be known as the Military Council to the membership, and on the forums. The Military Council advises the Dictator on party policy and directives, but ultimately the Dictator holds the decision making power. In the absence of the Dictator, it is custom that the last Dictator from the Military Council shall take control of the party until the Dictator is capable or replaced by the council.

The MDP operates very differently than the standard party in eRepublik, the biggest difference is the election process for the PP. The MDP operates as a dictatorship meaning the leader has total control over party policy including picking a successor to his role, it is tradition to pick this heir from the Military Council. The Military Council does exercise some power however, the group is able to hold a vote of confidence in its Dictator which can end in removal from power.

Past Party Presidents

Party Purpose

When first established the MDP prided itself on these 3 objectives:

1. Reject and Deny all MOO Proposals.
2. Be completely unfair to MOO in Congress.
3. Push forward Militaristic agendas, as long as it does not cross with objective 1.

Over time these simple objectives have morphed into what is now called the The Almighty Creed of the MDP listed below:

1. What the Dictator says goes.
2. Voices are only meant to be heard when asked to speak or they know what they're talking about.
3. Leadership is pre-ordained and not open to democratic vote.
4. Failure in leadership will lead to swift punishment from the military council.
5. Congressman will operate upon the direction of the Dictator when ordered.
6. Taxes will be based on the current condition of the economy.
7. The quarter will be neither asked for nor given.
8. Financial security and protection of the nations funds is priority one in governance.
9. Actively pursue aggressive military campaigns when justified.


In February it was announced by Sasha KammakitzJen that a full party manifesto was in progress. It was a month later that it was completed and released, entitled "What Has To Be Done". It divided policy into three main categories:

1. Social Policy
2. Economic Policy
3. Military Policy


The MDP strives to ensure that there is no status quo, considering the norm leads to people laying off the pressure for change.


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