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Basic Rules

  • All the Military Units in the New World will be ranked based on the damage done by their members (both full members and recruits)
  • Any type of damage counts (including Bombs, Rockets and Guerrilla Fights)
  • The tournament starts on Day 2003 at 00:00 eRepublik time and finishes at the end of Day 2009

Prize Eligibility

MU 333.jpg
  • A player qualifies to receive the prizes won by his Military Unit only if he completed the Daily Order at least twice during the competition
  • If a player fought for more than one Military Unit, he will only be eligible to receive prizes as a member of the unit for which he dealt the highest damage and for which he also completed the Daily Order at least twice.
  • The player must also be a member of the Military Unit for which he dealt the highest damage in order to receive the rewards
  • Example of the previous two rules: One player deals 5 million damage for Military Unit A. He then moves to Military Unit B and deals 3 million damage. The player will be eligible only for rewards won by Military Unit A. If Military Unit B wins the contest, the player will not receive anything. If Military Unit A wins the contest, the player must move back to Military Unit A in order to gain the Daily Order bonus


  • The tournament rankings will be accessible through a banner posted on the homepage
  • The rankings will be updated once per hour
  • There will be a global ranking and also national rankings for each country in eRepublik

Collective Rewards- National Competitions

  • Members of the 1st placed Military Unit in the national rankings will receive 2 more Energy Bars and 2 more Bazookas when completing the Daily Order, for a period of 7 days after the end of the competition (as long as they complete the Daily Order for that Military Unit)

Collective Rewards- International Competition

  • Members of the Top 50 Military Units in the global ranking will receive 2 more Energy Bars and 2 more Bazookas for a period of 7 days after the end of the competition
  • The same 50 Military Units will receive an Organization that will remain under the sole control of the leaders of the MU.
  • The Organization will receive a gold amount in the inventory, based on the unit’s final position in the ranking, as follows:

500 Gold for 1st place
400 Gold for 2nd place
300 Gold for 3rd place
250 Gold for places 4-10
200 Gold for places 11-25
150 Gold for places 26-50

  • If a Military Unit is a winner in both the national and global competition, the Daily Order bonuses will be cumulated, resulting in 5 Energy Bars and 5 Bazookas (2 form the Global competition, 2 from the National competition and 1 as a regular daily reward)
  • The members of the winning Military Units will receive the Daily Order bonuses according to the Eligibility Rules listed above

Collective Achievements

  • The top 3 Military Units from both the global and national rankings will be awarded with gold, silver or bronze medals

Individual Rewards

  • The top 3 damage contributors of each Military Unit will be listed in the national and global rankings next to their unit
  • The top 3 contributors of the Military Units that are awarded with medals, will receive a prize of 10 to 30 Energy Bars (30 Energy Bars for the 1st contributor, 20 Energy Bars for the 2nd contributor, and 10 Energy Bars for the 3rd contributor)
  • A player can be featured in the rankings as a top 3 contributor in an unlimited number of Military Units, but he will only receive the individual prize based on his contribution to the Military Unit he is eligible for (the one for which he dealt the highest damage and completed the Daily Order twice)
  • If a top 3 player is not eligible to receive his individual prize of Energy Bars, the prize will NOT be reported to the next placed player

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