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Military coup is an attempt to overthrow the current government executed by a military leader, where if successful, that military leader becomes Dictator. This function has been implemented on day 2,656 (Feb 27, 2015) and since then it is active in the New World.


For a successful military coup, a Civil war has to be started by one of the military unit commanders in the country. Usually, to increase the chances of a successful military coup, commanders of other military units from the same country support the initial commander who started the civil war.

Military coup – preparation phase

The following requirements have to be fulfilled in order to start the military coup:

  1. Military unit needs to be at least 60 days old
  2. Commander must have a minimum experience level 25
  3. The commander must have been in the military unit more than 14 days
  4. Money.png 1,000,000 or more CC on the military unit’s account (the starting cost)
  5. The country has at least one region left
  6. The current capital is not under attack
  7. The country does not have a dictator in the office
  8. There hasn't been a successful revolution in the last 10 days

If all conditions are met, Money.png 1,000,000 CC is deducted from the military unit’s account and a “support period” starts. It lasts for 3 hours and allows other military units in that country to support the military coup. The decision of supporting lays on the commanders. The action of supporting is free.

If a military unit doesn't support the military coup, it’ll automatically be set to fight for the current government and democracy.

Note: If a military coup is not successful, 24 hours must pass before another attempt can be made in that country.

Military coup campaign

Coup side on the battlefield is marked with red swords.
Main article: Civil war

After the 3 hour support period ends, a military coup campaign (civil war) is started in the capital of the country.

Depending on the outcome of the civil war, either the dictator takes charge or nothing really changes. If the military coup fails, the President and Congress continue their duties normally. If, however, the military coup is successful, things can change significantly.

National organizations

During a military coup campaign, the President is still in charge of the national organizations. At that point, the outcome of the civil war is unclear and the President can technically do anything with the assets (money, items etc.) the organization has. The President can donate/sell/secure the money and other possessions in any way he/she wants and do whatever he/she wants with them.

However, if the civil war ends in favour of the attackers and the Dictator takes charge, the ownership of all national organizations transfers to the Dictator. The Dictator can gain access to the national organizations by sending a ticket to Game Support with the list of organizations he/she would like access to. A new email has to be provided with each organization. We will then change the email and the Dictator can gain access by using the “forgot password” feature.

While the President might still be able to access the organizations for some time before the email has been changed, the President doesn't have a right to do any actions in the organizations when the Dictator is in office. These actions include, but are not limited to, donating any assets from the organization, selling products or making exchanges in the monetary market. If such actions are done when the Dictator has been in charge, all actions will be reverted and the President might be penalized.

Please notice that the organizations won by military units in the military unit tournament will continue to be the property of the military units, and just like Presidents, Dictators can’t touch them either.

Important: Funding

If an illegal currency is used to fund a military coup, the eRepublik team reserves a right to revert the Dictatorship and penalize the parties involved. Every military unit commander initiating a military coup is always responsible for the action, and for the money in the military unit’s account.

If someone donated a suspiciously large amount of currency to your military unit, and you’re not sure whether it’s clean or not, please send us a ticket to avoid problems!

Other important things

  • If a President of country X does a successful military coup in country Y, he/she will become a Dictator and automatically loses the President’s seat in country X, as if he/she had been impeached.
  • If a Congressman does a successful military coup in the same country he/she is a Congressman in, he/she will remain in the Congress.
  • If a Congressman of country X does a successful military coup in a different country, he/she will lose the position in the Congress.
  • The 10 days window after the last successful coup starts at the end of that campaign.
  • Fighting in military coup campaigns will give you 10% more Rank Points.
  • Fighting in military coup campaigns won’t count towards True patriot, Mercenary or Freedom fighter medals.


  • Q: Is it possible to have 2 military coup campaigns in the same countries at the same time from 2 different possible dictators?
    • A: No, there can only be 1 coup at the same time.
  • Q: How do I see which military units supported a coup or revolution?
    • A: There will be a banner on the main page where you can see the supporters if you are in the region where the coup/revolution has been started.

Before day 2,656

Before military coup was officially implemented in the New World and could be officially started in-game, past military coups were performed by conquering regions and deleting countries from the world map. It was also common to perform a political takeover by using soldiers of certain military units. It was referred to as a Military takeover (MTO).


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