Military of Arab Confederation

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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Military of Arab Confed.

Arab Military Emblem8.png

General Information
Disbanded 2012 (est)
Part of Confederation of Arab States

The Arab Confederation Military was split into five military branches: one training branch and four combat branches.

The combat branches were separated by requirements in strength and activity, shown from lowest to highest here. The entire military is led by Ministers of Defense of Icon-Egypt.png Egypt and Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia, the Presidents of these states, and the Supreme President of the alliance.

The Arab States Military usually operated as a privately-funded force yet got some funds from both states for enhancements.


MU Name CAS. Leader Seal CAS. Logo Egypt Division Saudi Division Division Leaders* Strength
Arab Training Unit Supreme President Arab training unit emblem.png Arab Training Unit.png Arab Training Unit (eg).png Arab Training Unit (sa).png *Ahmedae 15-1000
Arab Armed Forces Supreme President Arab armed Forces emblem.png Arab Armed Forces.png Arab Armed Forces (eg).png Arab Armed Forces (sa).png *HusseinE 1000-2000
Arab Naval Forces Supreme President Arab Navy Forces emblem.png Arab Navy Forces.png Arab Navy Forces (eg).png Arab Navy Forces (sa).png *Varlosh 2,000-3,000
Arab Air Forces Supreme President Arab air Forces emblem.png Arab air Forces.png Arab air Forces (eg).png Arab air Forces (sa).png *Akhraziel 3,000-4,000
Arab National Guards Supreme President Arab National Guards emblem.png Arab National Guards.png Arab National Guards (eg).png Arab National Guards (sa).png *Lawrence of Arabia over 4,000

*Division leaders listed here are the last known division leaders.


Training Unit

Last led by Commanding Officer, General Ahmed ae, the Training Unit was the first step for all those wishing to enter the Arab Military Forces. The training unit was a branch of the Arab Military dedicated to building the defense system of the Arab Confederation. They took the raw, fresh recruits and turn them into the Special Forces of tomorrow. Training Unit was the place where the new recruits make friends in game and also learn about the military of the Arab Confederation. Recruits had to be under 1,000 units of strength, and leave once they break this figure, becoming professionals, where they would get to chose which division they would prefer to enter. In the training unit, recruits learned the ins and outs of the game. Upon completion of initial training, troops were transferred to the Armed Division.

Armed Forces

Last led by HusseinE, Arab Armed Forces were usually the largest of the Arab Military, having two divisions, located in Saudi Arabia and in Egypt. To be accepted into the Army's ranks, soldiers needed a minimum of 1,000 strength, a rank of at least Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**, and a moderately high activity level.

Naval Forces

Last led by Varlosh, The Arab Naval Forces were commonly the second largest unit in the Military, where soldiers needed a minimum of 2,000 strength to join and a moderately high activity level.

Air Forces

Last led by General Akhraziel, the Air Force was an elite fighting force. The basic premise of the Air Force was that they can arrive with such speed that a coherent defense cannot be mounted against them for some time. The Air force Unit was a military unit set up to be moved by aircraft and 'dropped' into battle. Thus they could be placed behind enemy lines, and had an ability to deploy almost anywhere with little warning. Paratroopers had to be very active, along with having a strength of at least 3,000.

Arab National Guard

The National Guard was the old base of the Arab military structure. The National Guard units were mostly located in the Saudi Arabian Division, the first Military Unit to be Established, and was recognized as the sole official unit until the integration plans in 9/12/2011. The last Commanding officer of the National Guard was Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force Lawrence of Arabia. Before his emigration to Japan, this unit was regarded as the Strongest Arab Military Unit. Later, the National Guard was regarded as the Elites of the Arab Military structure where soldiers had to had a minimum of 4,000 strength.

Other Divisions

There were several other Military Units that did not comply with the Arab Confederation and its Military. The list was not provided.

Military Alliances

  1. Spain
  2. Serbia
  3. Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)