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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT part of eRepublik features.

Though it is not an official elected position in eRepublik, many countries designate a Minister of Community. This person is usually charged with improving community entertainment, making it casual and accessible.

The Minister of Community is a role appointed non officially by the Country President. Often found in either official or nonofficial capacity of a government, the Minister of Community is quite frequent but optional.

The work of the Minister of Community is often an autonomous one. The country president is often very flexible with the tasks to be given to the Minister and it is the task of the Minister to find the proper activities that will fill the better his mandate. The minister often has a Vice Minister of Community or a Deputy Minister of Community to assist him with his tasks.

Frequent Tasks

  • Improve activity within the country on the multiples platforms like IRC, Wikis, Forums and in-game Newspaper.
  • Organize community activities like lotteries, surveys, games and competition.
  • Keep up to date the country information on the Wiki

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