Ministerul Informatiilor Publice

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Ministerul Informatiilor Publice
Government of Romania

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Muntenia
Established 6 July 2013
Newspaper Monitorul Oficial
Part of Romania
Type Ministry
Minister of Public Information Ovidiu Sky

Ministerul Informatiilor Publice banner.png

Ministry of Public Information is a ministry of the Government of Romania.

Duties :

  • Minister of Public Information is appointed by the President.
  • Maintaining the flow of information between the Government and Congress.
  • The ministry was created to manage public information in the possession of the central administration.
  • Ministry exert control over all information of public interest and promote government policies and programs.
  • Structure of the Ministry of Public Information

Ministers of Public Information

This is the list of Ministers of Public Information of Flag-Romania.png Romania :

Mandate Start Mandate End Minister Party Note
6 July 2013
22 July 2013
Fortele Aeriene Romane Bravo.jpg One Sky Party-The Matza Party.jpg The Matza Party Reestablishment of Ministry of Public Information with Fortele Aeriene Romane Bravo.jpg One Sky as minister, but he is dismissed by the president Citizen6224555.jpg mib_boby because of inactivity.
22 July 2013
6 October 2013
Citizen5440574.jpg Ovidiu Sky Party-Partidul Liberal.jpg Partidul Liberal After the dismissal of Fortele Aeriene Romane Bravo.jpg One Sky, Citizen5440574.jpg Ovidiu Sky is appointed minister and will get three consecutive terms.

Icon position press director.gif Official Newspapers

This is the list of official governmental newspapers of Flag-Romania.png Romania :

Subscribers Logo Newspaper Editor
Ministerul Apararii.png
Ministerul Apararii
Ministerul Apararii
Ministry of Defense
Ministerul Educatiei.jpg
Ministerul Educatiei
Ministerul Educatiei
Ministry of Education
Monitorul Oficial
Monitorul Oficial
Official Gazette
Ministerul Muncii si Solidaritatii Sociale.jpg
Biroul de presa al MMSS
Ministerul Muncii
Ministry of Work
Ministerul Media.jpg
Revista Presei
Ministerul Media
Media Ministry
Banca Nationala a Romaniei.jpg
BNR Daily
Banca Nationala a Romaniei
National Bank of Romania
Ministerul Culturii.jpg
Ministerul Culturii
Ministerul Culturii
Ministry of Culture
Garda Nationala.jpg
Observatorul Militar
Garda Nationala
National Guard
Ministerul Afacerilor Externe.png
Ministerul Afacerilor Externe
Ministerul Afacerilor Externe
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Institutul National de Statistica.jpg
Institutul National de Statistica
Institutul National de Statistica
National Institute of Statistics