Ministry of Community (Ireland)

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Ministry of Community
Government of Ireland
Ire MoC.png

"An Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail"

General Information
Country IrelandIreland
Headquarters Dublin
Established June 8, 2009
Newspaper The Irish Community
Part of Ireland
Type Ministry
Minister James Keiller and Anthony Colby

The Irish Ministry of Community, in-game known as The Irish Community, has the task of entertaining, retaining, and uniting Irish citizens. This ministry is responsible for the operation of many community events such as lotteries, contests, awards, and fund raisers. Ministry communications are often published in the ministry's newspaper, The Irish Community, or in the newspapers of current ministry staff such as ministers and deputy ministers.


The currently operating Ministry was created in June of 2009 when a new organization was created by the name of The Irish Community. The first minister of this new ministry was 05637716 during the country presidency of Nithraldur. Alongside him was Teutorix Aleria (Deputy Minister) and binksy (Junior Minister). Demand for such a new ministry was high as is stated in the new minister, 05637716's first entry into the ministries newspaper[2].

Irish Community Awards

June 2011 Irelander of the Month Award[1] banner courtesy of Luminara
The Irish Community Awards are a tradition of the Irish Ministry of Community.

Citizens of Ireland are asked to nominate fellow citizens for awards such as "Most Trusted Politician", "Most Celebrated Soldier", or "Newcomer to Watch". After nominations have been made another article allows Irelanders to vote for nominees in each category so that they can be announced in a third article.

A contemporary list of past community winners is available on Ireland's national forum