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Australian Ministry of Defence
Government of Australia
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General Information
Country AustraliaAustralia
Headquarters New South Wales

The Australian Ministry of Defence, also known as the Australian Department of Defence, is a government ministry tasked to operate and coordinate military operations on behalf of the Australian government.

Forces of the Australian Military


The DropBears are Australia's elite special ops military force. It consists of the strongest, non-landlocked, soldiers. Requirements for the dropbears are to have at least 700 strength and at least a Commander++


The Australian Commando Unit Koalas are the next strongest, non-landlocked Australian soldiers who are not quite eligible for the elite DropBears just yet.


The Australian Army Reserves is open to all Australians who wish to be involved in the military but are not strong enough to be in ACUK or are strong enough but landlocked.

Projects run by the Australian Military

Royal Australian Military Academy

The Royal Australian Military Academy (formerly known as Bootcamp) is a government-funded program, originally introduced by Ranger Bob, that trains new players in how to fight and increase their military rank.

National Medical Research Centre (NMRC)

In addition to the Government Training Companies, Centrelink also operates NHMRC Australia, a Q5 Hospital Company with the mandate to provide hospitals for all the regions of Australia. Any surplus will be sold to foreign Governments for profit. On April 14, 2009, construction was completed on Australia's first Q5 hospital which was placed in New South Wales.

Past and Present Conflicts involving Australian Military

Indonesia vs Australia:

This is the first major war in the history of Australia. Indonesia declared war on the 4th of April 2008 and attacked Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia on the 14th of April. Every single Australian region fell to Indonesia without any proper resistance from the Australians and their South Australian and Bulgarian allies. On the 18th of April Tasmania became the last Australian region to fall into Indonesian hands.

USA vs Russia:

While Australia has not been involved in most of the war between USA and Russia so far it has recently signed an alliance with the USA and been able to help protect regions like Alaska from the Russian army.

Serbia vs Croatia:

Australia was not involved in the war until recently when it signed an MPP with Croatia. Australian soldiers only fought in the battle for Slavonia, Croatia on the 12th of November but they were still able to contribute 125,000 damage to the total.

United Kingdom vs USA

Although this war was started on the 9th of September 2009 there were was only one battle between that date and when Australia signed an MPP with USA. Currently, Australians have only fought in the battle in Maine where they have caused 45,000 damage.

Indonesia vs Malaysia:

Australia has been very involved in the defence of Malaysia when it was attacked by Indonesia. Australian soldiers would have hit at least 300,000 damage during the war.

India vs Iran:

Once India declared war against Iran, a few Australian troops moved to India to lend a hand. After Australia dealt 18,000 damage, Iran decided to send Australia a nasty article[1] declaring they weren't happy. After that Australia's Prime Minister declared all troops to move to India and fight against Iran.

Brazil vs Australia:

See Also: Brazil-Australia_War On Day 755, Brazil officially declared war on Australia. Having come through South Africa, they had a border with Western Australia, and intended to wipe Australia off the map. They took Western Australia on Day 757, and attacked the Northern Territory on the same day. By Day 758, Brazil had conquered the Northern Territory and had started a battle in South Australia.

On Day 759 (Day 3) they were unable to capture South Australia, as it had a defensive wall of over 1 million points. Brazil instead started a war in Queensland. Day 760 saw them unable to capture Queensland, and they re-attacked South Australia. They were unable to capture South Australia, and on Day 761, they re-attacked Queensland. Unsuccessful again, they re-attacked South Australia for a third time, on Day 762. On Day 763, Cozza attacked Brazilian-controlled Western Australia. This attack was successful, and on Day 764, Australia attacked Northern Territory, and by Day 765, Australia had all of its original territories.

Australia vs Argentina & Brazil:

On Day 838 the Australian Senate agreed to Declare war on Argentina. This was to help return the lands of their South African allies who had been PTOed by Channers who wanted to destroy the country by retreating in all battles. The Australians managed to have some effect against Argentina but after winning a battle to reclaim a region Brazil would simply take it back using their preexisting war with Australia. South Africa was returned to the map following a successful resistance war in the Northern Cape on day 855.

Indonesia vs Australia:

On Day 871 the war between Australia and Indonesia restarted with Indonesia attacking the Northern Territory. This battle came after peace talks between the Australian and Indonesia governments. In a brilliant but dishonorable move, the Indonesian government got the Australian government to start a peace proposal and then attacked the Northern Territory. This battle was but a distraction with the main assault starting on Day 872 with the attack on Western Australia. This battle was the largest battle in eRepublik history with over 35,000 fighters and more than 15 million points of damage dealt. This battle ended with a highly controversial Indonesian win. On Day 873 the Indonesian plan was complete and the peace proposal passed, closing the war and the MPP's that had been activated.


The first Wargames Australia was involved in were the massive PEACE Wargames held in Cuyo, Argentina. These lasted for several months before they were abandoned.

Australia was involved in the Sol Wargames that have expanded to involve countries around the world. Australia played an important role in helping to start these Wargames and was one of the original 5 countries involved in starting them. Australia has now moved to observer status in Sol and no longer takes part in the Wargames.

Australia also had access to the EDEN Wargames due to its alliances with USA, Canada and other EDEN countries. These wargames were held in Rhode Island, USA.

Military Rankings

As of Day 962, Australia has the following numbers of each rank[2]:

Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshals: 244
Icon General.jpg Generals: 263
Icon Colonel.jpg Colonels: 194
Icon Captain.jpg Captains: 99
Icon Lieutenant.jpg Lieutenants: 145
Icon Sergeant.jpg Sergeants: 117
Icon Corporal.jpg Corporals: 263
Icon Private.jpg Privates: 2624