Ministry of Defense (Chile)

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Ministry of National

Government of Chile
Logo-Ministry of Defense.png

General Information
Country ChileChile
Headquarters Zona Central
Newspaper Ministerio de
Defensa CL
Part of Government of Chile
Type Ministry
Minister Joaquin Villanueva

The Ministry of National Defense of Chile (Spanish: Ministerio de Defensa Nacional) is responsible for matters of National defense, including all branches of the military.


The Ministry of National Defense collaborates with the President of the Republic in the functions of government and administration of national defense, and ensures the compliance of the following tasks:

  • Propose and evaluate defense policy, military policy and national defense planning.
  • To study, propose and evaluate policies and rules applicable to the bodies that make up the defense sector and ensure compliance.
  • Study the financial and budgetary needs of the sector and propose the draft annual budget.
  • Assign and manage resources in accordance with applicable law.
  • Supervise the activities of the defense sector and ensure its efficient management in the agencies that compose it.
  • Report to Congress on policies and plans for national defense. We shall in particular report on workforce development planning and specific projects in which materealice.
  • Monitor, without prejudice to the powers of the Ministry of Economy & Development, the investment of the resources, services and institutions in the defense sector.