Ministry of Education (Chile)

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Ministry of Education
Government of Chile
Logo-Ministry of Education.png

General Information
Country ChileChile
Headquarters Zona Central
Abbreviation MINEDUC
Newspaper Cultura y Educacion
Part of Government of Chile
Type Ministry
Minister Nkw180
Subsecretary ThE LucK No AprObleM

The Ministry of Education of Chile (Spanish: Ministerio de Educación), also known as MINEDUC, is the ministry responsible for promoting the development of education at all levels, and for the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Chile.


The mission of the Ministry of Education is to ensure an equitable and high quality educational system that contributes to the integral and permanent formation of citizens and the country's development through the formulation and implementation of policies, standards and regulation in education.

Tutorials Proyect

The Ministry of Education has develop a project aiming for new citizens to seek a tutor throughout their first steps in eRepublik. The tutors have been selected by a series of tests and are among the most experienced citizens of Chile. The tutors can help any citizen to understand better the game mechanics of eRepublik. To get a tutor you must follow these steps:

(Optional) Go to Chile's National Library and read the First Steps documentation