Ministry of Foreign Affairs (United Kingdom)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of United Kingdom
Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.png

General Information
Country United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Headquarters #MoFA IRC Channel
Established December 2007
Newspaper UK Foreign Office
Part of Government of the United Kingdom
Type Ministry
Foreign Minister(s) McAfee01 & Thomas765

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), otherwise refered to as the (UK) Foreign Office, is a UK government department responsible for promoting the interests of the United Kingdom throughout the New World.


Seal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministers in the Foreign Office are as follows:

Minister Rank Portfolio
McAfee01 Minister of Foreign Affairs Overall responsibility
Thomas765 Minister of Foreign Affairs Overall responsibility
The Unity Party
New Era
United Kingdom Reform Party
United Kingdom Progression Party
Every Single One

Foreign Affairs Staff

Senior Officials

  • Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs (dMoFA) — easyfj and kaptenjohnson

Other Officials

  • Envoys


Since its inception the MoFA has, via diplomacy, played a vital role in maintaining the national safety of the UK. From the Blind Old Noun Accords, The Raleigh Treaty, Treaty of ATLANTIS, the charters of PEACE GC and PHOENIX, to the entry and exit to and from Terra, the MoFA has secured the United Kingdom's stance in international affairs and diplomacy.