Ministry of Health (Chile)

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Ministry of Health
Government of Chile
Logo-Ministry of Health.png

General Information
Country ChileChile
Headquarters Zona Central
Abbreviation MINSAL
Part of Government of Chile
Type Ministry
Minister Jimo.joaq
Subsecretary Moxvidal

The Ministry of Health of Chile (Spanish: Ministerio de Salud de Chile), also known as MINSAL, is the cabinet-level administrative office in charge of planning, directing, coordinating, executing, controlling and informing the public health policies formulated by the President of Chile.


The institutional mission of the Ministry of Health is to contribute in the harmonious development of health systems, focusing on the people, strengthen control of the factors that may affect health and enhance the national network management care, helping to raise the level of population health. All this to accommodate timely the citizens' needs, with accountability to the citizenship and promote their participation in the exercise of their rights and duties.