Ministry of Home Affairs (Chile)

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Ministry of Home

Government of Chile
Logo-Ministry of Home Affairs.png

General Information
Country ChileChile
Headquarters Zona Central
Abbreviation MoHA
Part of Government of Chile
Type Ministry
Minister Falain
Subsecretary Sebastian Arellano Gabelo

The Ministry of Home Affairs (Spanish: Ministerio del Interior) is the government ministry responsible for policing, national security, and immigration matters.


  • Propose to the President of the Republic the rules and internal policy actions aimed at maintaining public order, security and social peace.
  • Apply through the Interior Government authorities, the rules to this effect was issued.
  • Coordinate Ministries responsible in their respective spheres of competence, for public and citizen safety.
  • Promote and encourage development policies by assessing their performance.
  • Monitor compliance with laws, regulations and technical instructions issued for the civil administration of the state.
  • Propose migration policies to the President of the Republic, and assume the legal representation of the Government in all appropriate circumstances, in general, comply and exercise the powers assigned by the President of the Republic.
  • Review and substantiate administrative proceedings and summary investigations. Write and sponsor resignations, complaints and requests that the Ministry presents before the court o f justice (also known as "The Forum") for violations of laws within the state security (general rules of the community).