Ministry of Home Affairs (United Kingdom)

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Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of United Kingdom
Ministry of Home Affairs (United Kingdom).png

General Information
Country United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Headquarters #MoHA IRC Channel
Established April 2009
Newspaper eUK Home Office News
Part of HM Government
Type Ministry

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), also known as The Home Office is the government department which seeks to inform, educate and entertain the general population of the United Kingdom.


Seal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Some of the cabinets of Home Affairs:

Minister Rank Term
Invalidation MP Minister of Home Affairs Dec 2011
Veruvia Minister of Home Affairs Dec 2011
unstupid Underminister Dec 2011
Jimbojoy MP Minister of Home Affairs May 2012
BigAnt Minister of Home Affairs May 2012
Ullok Underminister May 2012
Cygnus X1 Minister of Home Affairs April 2013
Zaphod Beeblebrox Minister of Home Affairs June 2013
FightAndProduce Minister of Home Affairs July 2013
gamechanger Underminister April 2013

Ministry Departments

Ministry departments are staffed with apprentices who agree at the beginning of a government's term in office (around the 5th or 6th of each month) to help out in specific ways for the remainder of the month.


The single largest department in the Ministry. Staff work closely with the other departments, distributing Private Messages (PMs) to segments, or the entirety of the United Kingdom about the goings on, upcoming events and government schemes open to them as citizens.



The media department is tasked with publishing informative articles aimed at enlightening the citizens of the UK on a variety of subjects from the war module to the function of UK Ministries in the UK Today and tongue-in-cheek summaries of the best and most important articles of the week in the recently re-established National Newspaper Association which can bestow awards to great pieces of journalism, with Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for articles and entire newspapers.


The mentoring department is aimed entirely at the youngest section of society and operates a voluntary mentoring programme which allows skilled older members of the community to give a helping hand to those just starting out.


The wiki department is tasked with ensuring that all pages on or about the United Kingdom are up to date and correct.


The main task of this department is to keep the general population entertained, via in-game articles, the UK forums and IRC, by running assorted competitions and games along with theme weeks, like Monarch Week and British Week.


Open Government

The now closed Open Government Forum was an idea conceived by former Prime Minister Jamesw. This project was used as a major hub for MoHA work such as PMing and largely replaced apprenticeships in departments with obligation free volunteers.