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Minitrue University (often also called 'Minitrue U' or 'MiniU') is the second known university to be formed in Erepublik history. It is regarded as superior to it's competitors because of higher quality teachers and because of the higher admission standards required to be accepted into the prestigious campus. MiniU is solely managed by The Party and located in Free State,South Africa. The university follows strict INGSOC faith standards and does not admit anyone with conflicting beliefs. MiniU is known for it's large range of courses and majors avaliable, specifically those regarding with Miniwalks - silly walks and Miniplenty - economics as well as a world renowned International Relations program.

The International Relations School

International Relations Program

The MiniU International Relations Program, housed at Brother Halls (see left), is world renowned for producing Presidents and Ministers of many nations. Starting with the introduction of The Party, only INGSOC and The Party members would be eligible for admission, thus the only future graduates will be those of South African descent. The curriculum focuses on diplomacy and peace-keeping measures but also focuses on the aspect of war and war-time organization. Notable courses offered are Straight Talk Express 101, Yes We Can 303, Pig Lipstick with Lab and My Friends, My Dear Friends.... Information can be attained at the Dean and Head Professor's office.

List of Majors Offered

  • International Relations (Ph.D offered)
  • Economics (Masters offered)
  • Sillywalks
  • Information Services
  • Interrogation Tactics
  • Criminal Justice
  • History

and everyone's favorite...

  • General Studies

If you wish to add a major to the pre-approved list, please contact the Dean.

The office of the Dean and Head Professor