Moldavia-Romania War

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Moldavia-Romania War
Map of Moldavia-Romania War
Date 12 April 2008 - –
15 April 2008
Location Europe-Asia
Result Moldavia annexed
Territorial Changes Moldavia and Romania merged
Fights 43
Flag-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Flag-UK.jpg UK
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece

Battles Fought 7 (Moldavia 0 vs Romania 7)
Fights Won Moldavia 0 vs Romania 31 United Kingdom 2
Draw Fights 10
Total Fights 43

The allies of Romania in this war consisted of: Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Greece.

This was the only official union based on a contract ever made in eRepublik.

The Presidents of both Moldavia and Romania opened referendums ( Romanian referendum Moldavian referendum ) concerning this proposal and a majority of voters agreed with the union. Then the two presidents signed a contract. Even if this was official, there were people at that time who declared that this was all a Romanian strategy to take Moldavia without spending many resources.

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