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Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
Date of birth 24 June 2009 - Day 582
Date of death July 2010
Residence Shanghai
Sex Female
Congress member of Kinki, Japan
Sep 2009 – Jan 2010
Congress member of China
Jan 2010 – Apr 2010
Ambassador of China to Japan
Feb 2010 – Apr 2010
Party president of People's Republican Party
Mar 2010 – Apr 2010
Preceded by uynlocnil
Succeeded by fk1106
Ambassador of Japan to China
Apr 2010 – Jul 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

momochi was a Icon-China.png Chinese citizen. She is a ghost.

Early Life

Momochi was born in the modern and popular region of Kanto, Icon-Japan.png Japan. When she was young, she focused on nothing else than working and training, simply wished to be a nice citizen in Japan. But in the late July, a political event, which was called Kyushu controversy, deeply motivated her desire to involve in the politics. Shortly after then, being invited by KITA Ikki, she joined Imperial Sun Party.

Political Career

The political career for momochi was not easy, due to complex reasons. Unlike many other talented politicians, she didn't go around to make her policy heard, and she didn't take any political roles until September. During the period, momochi was quite active in the game, forum and IRC, and learned much from those experienced sempais. With time going, she started to speaking out her voice on various things.

In September, momochi made her decision to run for Congress. It was approved by the party and gained much support from her party colleagues. Being well prepared and organized, momochi finally had a big win in Kinki and became a congress member in the Japan Diet. This made momochi get more involved in many events.

Since then, momochi has been working at many different problems with her congress colleagues. Though she was not among the most active members and also not in the cabinet, momochi still used her right in the discussion and voting process, making contributions to Japan.

Among the various issues in Japan, momochi spent quite much time on the relationship between Japan and China, since momochi has some Chinese gene. Along with Reiji Mitsurugi, the Japanese Ambassador to China, momochi has tightened the Sino-Japanese friendship and makes the two regional safety power stand closer.

Second Kyushu Controversy has put Japan on the global stage. Momochi has been a bridge of Japan and China, explaining Japan's views on the event and on Chinese people. Thanks to her and Reiji Mitsurugi's efforts, the relationship between the two countries has remained friendly.


Along with the political life, momochi also committed herself as a soldier in Japanese Imperial Army. Every day she trained and fight with 5 weapons either provided by the army or bought by herself. Thus, she reached higher ranks one by another, ending up as a colonel in the JIA Guard. Momochi was also a worker in Nippons Weapons Q5, producing Q5 weapons for Japan.

Being a JIA soldier momochi fought hard in the first battle of Second Kyushu Controversy and successfully defended Japan's honor. She was also promoted to General in the battle.

Life in China

In Jan 2010, after finishing her fourth term of Congressman in Japan, momochi felt a little bored and wanted to seek another kind of life. Therefore she decided to go for a trip to China, a country means a lot to her. She left Japan at the end of the month. Then she investigated on the parties in China, talked to several party presidents and finally joined People's Republican Party. The life in China has begun.

After her arriving, momochi was invited by her party to run for Congress in Liaoning and succeeded. She also became one of the authorities of PRP. After the new government led by The Samurai was elected, momochi is appointed as Chinese Ambassador to Japan and the Chief of Staff of the CNDA.

Momochi spent a busy and interesting life in China. Along with several other colleagues in Congress, She contributed in the establishment of the institution and legislation of China Congress. Meanwhile, there were several important battles taken place in China and its allies, momochi fought for her country every time.

In the Party president election in Mar 2010, momochi raised the campaign and was elected as PP of People's Republican Party. But her effort and influence to the party didn't come out in the party's power in China. By that time momochi began to get tired to the messy political atmosphere in China.

A month later, momochi decided to leave China and come back to Japan. Her friend, Fk1106 then took the position of PP. Anyway, momochi still loved PRP and remained as an advisor. At the end of Apr 2010, she flew to Japan and was soon given the citizenship.

During her life in China, momochi reached the honored rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal.

Back to Japan

Momochi felt glad when she found almost every friend of her in Japan was still active. She received a warm welcome at her arrival. Then momochi spent several days to get familiar with Japanese life. She joined the army again and was placed to the Imperial Japanese Airforce. She was also given the role of Ambassador to China.

Accident and Death

Momochi later attended the US-Japan Military Exchange Program and went to US Military Camp in Karnataka. She was placed in United States Army Group West 1/4, under the command of Heliarc. Momochi and her American teammates shared a wonderful time during that period. Soon the V2 came, momochi attended several V2 military exercises held by US Army and learned a lot from them. Unfortunately, in the last mission before V2, momochi was severely wounded. She was taken out of the battlefield immediately and send to the hospital. Though she fought hard with death, the time had at last taken her life after a month.

New Life as a Ghost

After her death, momochi had been disappeared from New World for a long time. But occasionally her sound appeared in China. In Sep 2011, momochi was seen in China as a ghost. When Too Simple Party, which had strong ties with her RL life, was established, momochi decided to continue her life. The life of ghost is also amazing. She was flying around TSP Headquarters in Shanghai and worked as an advisor. Also, it was seen again in the battlefield wearing a uniform of a Chinese military unit 1896.