Monarchy of Norway

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Coat of Army of Norway

The Norwegian monarch is the monarchical head of state of Norway, which is a constitutional and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system. The duties of the monarch are:

  • Head of State duties
  • Dissolves and installs governments
  • Presides over meetings in the Council of State
  • Holds audiences with prominent Norwegian figures within politics, industry, commerce and culture


Christopher Moe

Dates: 30 August 2011 - 5 October 2011
Portrait of the King Christopher Moe

He is self-proclaimed king/overlord of Norway, he assumed his throne on the 30. of August[1] and established the Norwegian monarchy. He has been widely acknowledged as the king of Norway by most native Norwegians.

He was also elected president of Norway[2], making Norway an absolute monarchy. As absolute monarch have powers:

  • Monarch have the ability to make Alliances even if the country is completely occupied before the end of their term. That president is able to move freely and he/she will be moved back to his country once his/her country is liberated.
  • Can propose an unlimited number of laws. Monarchs can propose the following changes:
    • Message to new citizens
    • Buy construction
    • Trade embargo
    • Declare war
    • Natural enemy
    • Airstrike
    • Propose peace
    • Alliance (Mutual Protection Pact)

On day 1,412 the king has left the building. He left the monarch palace and the game.

On day 1,776 the kings return in the game.