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The United Kingdom officially became a "Kingdom" on September 18, 2009, when the Monarchy Act was accepted by the House of Commons, and passed by the House of Lords. The British Monarch is the ceremonial head of state, and all powers are donated to the Prime Minister, mimicking in ways the real life UK's constitutional monarchy. The Act established Stephen John Fry as the first "Monarch" of the United Kingdom, a position holding absolute legislative and executive authority. However, this power is exercised by the Prime Minister and Parliament who govern as representatives on his behalf.

The UK has so far been presided over by five Monarchs, the most recent and longest serving ruler is His Britannic Majesty, King Woldy I of the electronic United Kingdom, who ascended the throne on October 14th, 2010 in gratitude for his services and work for the UK. He remains King, being the longest serving King of the United Kingdom and longest serving Head of State in the New World.

On March 6th 2013, Mr Woldy agreed to participate in a wargame, and so a Revolution began between two warring factions in the United Kingdom. The Red Team, headed by Lily Jayne Summers was the principle head against the Blue Team headed by ApronChef and kcirp the Royalists, to decide who will be the next monarch of the United Kingdom. The team in Support of Woldy won the war, thus continuing his glorious reign. There was much rejoicing.

The legislation surrounding the Monarchy was removed when Parliament decided to remove all legislation. No one decision was made to depose the Monarch at the time, King Woldy, and the public continues to accept him as King and the monarchy as a social role.

Monarchs from the Real World

Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

At the beginning of the monarchy act, real life British figures were chosen to represent the United Kingdom.

Stephen Fry

Dates: September 18th, 2009 - February 2010
Emblem of King Stephen I

The Act established Stephen John Fry as the first "Monarch" of the United Kingdom, a position holding absolute legislative and executive authority. However, this power is exercised by the Prime Minister and Parliament who govern as representatives on his behalf. The full title of the King is "His Britannic Majesty, King Stephen the First of the electronic United Kingdom".

Proper monarchical style
Reference Style His/Her Majesty
Spoken Style Your Majesty
Alternative Style Sire/Ma'am

Jeremy Clarkson

Dates: February 2010 - 20th March, 2010
Emblem of King Jeremy I

Rowan Atkinson

Dates: 21st March, 2010 - 1st August, 2010

Citizen Monarchs

On the 31st July 2010, the Monarchy Act was amended to allow the election of citizens as Monarchs, by forum-active Party Presidents.

Kumnaa the Great

Dates: 1st August, 2010 - 13th October, 2010

On the 1st of August, 2010, Kumnaa was crowned the first citizen Monarch, His Royal Britannic Highness the King of the electronic United Kingdom.

Woldy the Wise

Dates: 14th October, 2010 - Present
Emblem of King Woldy

As stated by another amendment to the monarchy act, the 5 party presidents of the top 5 parties, had to nominate a new line of royalty, which was then voted on by the citizens of the United Kingdom on the forums.

Of the 3 nominees, Horice P Fossil, Joachim von Bremen and Mr Woldy, the last was chosen by over 40% of the votes.

King Woldy the 1st was crowned on the 14th of October, 2010, with an heir to be announced by the Home Office[1].

Since then, the procedures for removing the Monarchy as well as the Monarchy act itself was removed by Goku Jones in 2013, thus effectively making Mr Woldy King for Life.

The Woldean Royal Family

In King Woldy's first proclamation [2], he outlined the structure of the future Royal Family and his stable.

Since then, the Household has been reformed[3], and apart from Queen Butjam (chosen for their beauty and efforts to help the UK and the Crown) and Pfeiffer (Chosen for similar reasons) all members of the Royal Household are now voted upon by the public as part of a community rewards program, which aims to reward citizens of the UK for their hard and often unsung work. The first winner of this prize was Emergy Maxfell on the 20th of June 2014, followed by Madelina de Melrose who was awarded the prize in July of 2015.

The Woldean Stable

In order to create fun, as of June 2014 a new means of selecting Lords and offering titles was made. Although previously given titles were still in effect, King Woldy decided that a raffle with titles and guns as prizes would be a more equal and entertaining way to grant titles (which had been a long traditional power of eUK monarchs).

The winners (excluding those in other orders) so far are as follows:

Miscellaneous Members

Other titles and prizes available in the raffle were not so glamorous, but were nonetheless prestigious. The winners of these 'runner up' titles are as follows:

The Order of Nifty

To acknowledge Nifty MU's status as a 'Royal' MU, the order of Nifty was established to award general Niftiness both in the MU and the wider UK.

The following lists those citizens admitted as Knights of the Order of Nifty.

  • Fataliix, Duke of Northumbria. KBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • Aaron Mark Daniels, Duke of Malvern and Viceroy of the Worcestershire palatinate. CBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • Addaway, Lord Kitchener and Rabbit of Caerbannog. MBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • Sambo911, Earl of Bradford interchange station. MBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • Mr Immanuel Kant, Baron of Tea Plantations. MBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • MS10EL, Duke of Hereford. MBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • Frixios of the Clyde, Duke of Glasgow and its surrounding Suburbs. MBE of the Order of Nifty.
  • Garth Lidlington, Duke of Devonshire. MBE of the Order of Nifty.

Timeline of British Monarchs

The timeline of British Monarch in eRepublik days.