Motion to admit Mexico to PEACE

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Admit Mexico to the PEACE Global Community
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.

Motion to admit the United Mexican States to the PEACE Global Community

Recognizing support for this measure as evidenced by a simple majority voting in favor of Mexico's ascension at a prior vote,

Understanding that the present Government of Mexico is sympathetic to the PEACE Global Community and will serve as an active and loyal Member Nation.

Noting with approval the non-collapse of the Mexican economy under goon leadership as was predicted by many international observers,

1. Recommends that the PEACE Global Security Council approve Mexico's request for membership
2. Calls upon the PEACE Global Security Council to vote on this matter in accordance with the voting procedure set out in the PEACE Charter

PEACE at Home. PEACE in the World.

Nicolae Carpathia, Secretary-General
Senor Schlong, Acting Representative from Pakistan
Ikarti, President of Greece
Hufflepuff, President of Turkey
Krembo, President of Bulgaria
Rizsa, President of Hungary
Mapplna, President of Austria
Gracchius, President of Italy
niouton, President of France
atilaa, President of Iran
andie wicaksono, President of Indonesia
King Waseem, President of Japan
Judazs, President of Portugal
mikesoft, President of Venezuela
Giulliano, President of Brazil
Chielio, President of the Netherlands
debildevil, President of Mexico

This Contract was signed on September 28, 2008.