Movimento Futurista Portugues

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Movimento Futurista Português

Party-Movimento Futurista Portugues.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Abbreviation MFP
Colors Azul e Branco
Founded March 4, 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds U.N.P.
Succeeded By Partido Regenerador
Ideology Libertarian

Movimento Futurista Português (MFP) was a Party em Portugal. It was founded in March 4, 2011. In its prime time the party had around 200 members.


MFP was a party built on strong ideals, to work for a future of development, strengthening and consolidation for ePortugal as a solid and sustainable nation.

MFP believed in:

  • Stimulate the debate of ideals
  • Promote democracy
  • Promote the transparency in politics
  • Promote freedom of speech
  • Promote a sustainable economic development.


Party presidents of MFP in 2011:

End Citizen
Founding - March 15 hapanis
March 15 - April 15 Matemático
April 15 - May 15 Carlos André Hipolito Fonseca
May 15 - June 15 Leal9001
June 15 - July 15 slayra
July 15 - August 15 DomiBoss
August 15 - September 15 Nuno Vieira
September 15 - December 15 Rubicon8
December 15 - End? slayra