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Badge - Belgium Country President's Personal Award.jpg I, Jofroi, President of Belgium, hereby award Mr. Wonka the
Country President's personal Award for Actions of Valor and honor
Badge - Crown's order for Civil Contributions.jpg I, Jofroi, President of Belgium, hereby award Mr. Wonka the title of
Knight in the Order of the Crown for Civil contributions
Badge - Member of the King's court.jpg I, Critically, Monarch of Belgium, hereby award Mr. Wonka the title of
Member of the King's Royal Court.

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Dead citizen

Mr. Wonka

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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth Apr 16, 2013
Date of death End of 2015 (est)
Residence Icon-Belgium.png Brussels
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper The Chocolate Factory
51st President of Belgium
February 6, 2014 – March 6,2014
Preceded by The Valeyard
Succeeded by Jofroi
53rd President of Belgium
May 6, 2014 – June 6,2014
Preceded by Jofroi
Succeeded by Thanatos the Magnificent
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
  He has been one of the most active citizens in Belgium this month and is constantly working hard, doing a really awesome job, while working in both foreign and home affairs. His work in Foreign affairs (MPPs, Sirius, Treaties) is astonishing to see an amazing, I am constantly impressed with his diplomacy and knowledge in foreign affairs.  
  My most passionate eSon with a heart of chocolate gold.  
(Konrad Neumann)
  Mr. Wonka did an amazing job this month as he also did the month before. I get high praise about him even from foreign dignitaries. He is a treasure that eBelgium should cherish for as long as possible. I was and still am very glad to have him in my team and I am happy that he will continue to be my minister of foreign affairs.  
(The Valeyard)

God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star He was cleansed by Sand.

He has been blessed by Dio.

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Politics

Political Career History


  1. Interview
  2. Interview

Icon-USA.png Life in the USAIcon-USA.png


Department of Ambassadorial Affairs

Mr. Wonka joined the game in April as soon as he joined he had an urge to get involved, to make something of himself in erepublik. He set his mind and his goal on one thing. He wanted to get involved not in party politics but on a national level. The one department that he had the most interest in was the State Department. Since his joining in April he has risen through the ranks being an ambassador, to the deputy of Ambassadorial Affairs, to a deputy of state, and to the Director of Ambassadorial Affairs. After being an ambassador to Romania under Artela's term, the Director of Ambassadorial Affairs Black Baroness resigned due to a misunderstanding. She recommended jmurrib21 to be the new Director of Ambassadorial Affairs and after a few days of jmurrib21 being the DoAA. Mr. Wonka talked to NewAzazel the Secretary of State (the equivalent of Minister of Foreign Affairs) about the DoAA, he appointed Mr. Wonka as deputy Director of Ambassadorial Affairs. During Tenshibo's Term, Mr. Wonka applied for the position of Deputy Secretary of State he obtained the position as well as continuing his role as deputy of Ambassadorial Affairs. Together Mr. Wonka and jmurrib21 created the ambassadors tutorial and staff list on Ambassadors Reports. Followed up the Ambassadors registry, activity and sign-up form they also established communication template letters to interact with new and current ambassadors. Mr. Wonka mainly handled MPPs while Emerick was The Secretary of State and ensured they were launched and signed on time. Emerick also assigned the task of learning more about China in hopes of improving relations with them, he assigned himself as the Ambassador to China and worked on learning more about them. Around June 10th jmurrib21 informed the Secretary of State Emerick and various other government officials that he can no longer continue his role as a director because he was not able to put in the time. At first, Mr. Wonka declined the offer of being DoAA and tried to recruit a qualified citizen to be the new DoAA. After talking with Black Baroness and a day or two to think it over he decided to accept the position. With jmurrib21 and srachit ( who resigned halfway thought Mr. Wonka's term) as deputies. Around June 20th, Mr. Wonka resigned from his government positions due to an unexpected event in his real life. Only to return August 4th right before the term of Oblige.

The Federalist Party

Sometime before the Term of Tenshibo Mr. Wonka changed parties for the first time from We The People to The Federalist Party. Although he took some time to fully get to know everyone Mr. Wonka loved the Federalist Party, they were very organized and full of life. He became very friendly with Tyler Bubblar, Malarkey83, EnterAwesome and Melissa Rose. All of them had a major impact on his wonderful experience as a Federalist. While getting involved Tyler Bubblar was Party president at the time. He was very nice and helped Mr. Wonka take his first steps into getting involved with the Feds. He became an FBI agent; The Feds well known security program. Mr. Wonka helped Malarkey83 implement some new changes to the FBI program to better help Agents understand the information they are viewing. Besides his work in the FBI, Mr. Wonka worked with EnterAwesome to establish the new Fun Department which Tyler Bubblar brought to the Feds.

The Department of Fun
Banner of the Federalist Hall of Fame

Mr. Wonka helped EnterAwesome establish the ' Feds of Kindness' awards. Which awarded Feds for acts of kindness every day. Once EnterAwesome resigned as Director of Fun, Deonthe3rd took over and Mr. Wonka parted to establish the Fed Hall of Fame. Together with Tyler Bubblar, Mr. Wonka established the Fed Hall of Fame which was part of the Fun Department, while honoring Feds who implemented and changed the Federalist party it was also a great history lesson and way to increase activity. It ran for a few months until it merged with another program.


Although Mr. Wonka was very happy in the Federalist Party, and was getting more involved with American Politics, something didn't click. Mr. Wonka wasn't as involved as he would have liked, and was getting bored. He wanted to change but was struggling with moving since he wanted to stay in the Federalist Party. He was at a crossroad and had to make up his mind. After talking to various people who changed citizenship, he was closer to finding what path he was going to take. But he was still unsure about where to move to he narrowed it down to Belgium, Germany or The United Kingdom But ultimately after getting an invitation from Kaad a citizen of Belgium and talking with MaryamQ Mr. Wonka knew he wanted to change citizenship and knew Belgium would be a perfect place to move to. On September 3rd Mr. Wonka obtained citizenship, his application was accepted by Maresal Lengas

Icon-Belgium.pngLife in BelgiumIcon-Belgium.png

Belgium Life

September 3rd Mr. Wonka had his citizenship to Belgium accepted. Before fully emerging in the eBelgium Experience he took a few days to get familiar with his surroundings. He left his previous Military Unit SHIELD and joined Belgian National Army with having barely over 1250 strength (the minimum requirement). Mr. Wonka also changed his avatar from Mr. Wonka to the Majestic lion at this time

Res Belgica

Party-Res Belgica v2.jpg

After he joined Res Belgica and immediately sought to get involved. He contacted the current party president El1teBE to ask about opportunities to become more active in the party, but the term was ending near this time so he referred Mr. Wonka to boer jan the next Party President. Boer jan was very welcoming and gave Mr. Wonka the position of Secretary General. Being the Secretary General meant being on the Leadership team. A group of the past Party President(s) and leadership that made important decisions in the party for a more democratic approach. NLSP chose Mr. Wonka to be the representative for Res Belgica on the Belgian Security council under the Presidential term of MaryamQ He held the title Secretary General for two terms under boer jan and NLSP until switching parties to All TOgethers.

ALL TOgethers

Party-All TOgethers.jpg

Mr. Wonka changed parties to All TOgethers for the original reason of running for Party president, at the time around the 13th, ATO did not have a PP candidate and it was advised to move to the party and run in the case of PTOers or them not having a candidate. Although he intended to run, ATO eventually put forth a candidate; tommot. Mr. Wonka dropped out once tommot was running in game but decided to stay in ATO, to experience their party workings. He became Secretary General twice, under tommot who had two consecutive terms. Later Mr. Wonka re-ran for Party President in the term of January. He ran unopposed and got 6 votes (5 not including himself) which was an improvement from last month. Meaning ATO party members participated in ATO elections and voted for Party President elections in other parties which was a good thing. When Mr. Wonka got elected he focused on increasing activity in the party. He ran a series of polls ranging from International and National Politics to random questions. The results can be seen in tommot's article. Although Mr. Wonka hoped to be an active Party President, his activity drastically declined because of his campaign for County President and him being elected as County President. In the Month of February Mr. Wonka re run for Party President mainly due to the fact of the lack of willing party members to become Party President. Mr. Wonka became Party President again for the second consecutive term winning 100% of the votes. Not much happened during Mr. Wonka's second term,JDIF was the successor to Mr. Wonka as PP of All TOgethers. For both terms, Mr. Wonka essentially kept the same Leadership team.

ATO Leadership

Mr. Wonka assigned the following people in leadership to assist him run the party.

* President → Mr. Wonka
* Vice-president → BelgiumGeneral
* Secretary General →Tensa Zangetsu san
* Councillor → JDIF
* Spokesman → NLSP

February 2014 Presidency

Mr. Wonka's Campaign Banner

Campaigning for Presidency

During the month of January 2013, Mr. Wonka's real life schedule opened up and he decided it was time for him to run for Country President of Belgium. The Belgian community needed some fresh blood in the Country President seat, and someone who was motivated and charismatic to lead the community and nation forward. The Belgian Community was unstable with the PTO threat and the take over of Res Belgica and a lot of petty conflicts were going on. A few Belgians had given up hope after long times of working to make the community better and obtained citizenship elsewhere. Belgium was still under ATO occupation by Poland as requested by the Belgian government to prevent the PTO threat from growing. But the country was not really active. Mr. Wonka decided his vision for Belgium, manifesto you might say, would be implemented in the upcoming month. He began to prepare for his candidacy and asked for support from the Party Presidents who mostly wanted one candidate to combat and direct votes against the PTOers if they put up a candidate. Mr. Wonka ran out of All TOgethers as he was currently a member and the Party President. He wrote a series of four articles including Volume one, Volume two, Volume three, Volume four. Mr. Wonka received support from 5 parties including. L.I.O.N., Union-Unie, All TOgethers, The Belgian Dream, Beavers United left Alternative, and although Res Belgica was PTOed he received unofficial support from Res Belgica. In contrast, The PToed Res Belgica and Liberation front put forth Arnie007 as their candidates but later changed it to shadowukcs. On Election Day Mr. Wonka has more votes than shadowukcs throughout the whole election. The official election results were Mr. Wonka with 61 voted and shadowukcs with 24 votes for a total of 85 votes. Mr. Wonka won by a landslide with 71.76% of the votes and so his February Country President term began.

51st President of Belgium

Starting with International Affairs, the team was very hard at work defending Belgium, increasing and improving foreign affairs. The Ministry of Defense was hard at work as per the governments ATO actions (The Wipe) Belgium was wiped by the United Kingdom During this time we received a Natural Enemy from the Netherlands, due to the Netherlands wanting war and tensions escalating, especially their MoFA at the time: van Spijck who had strong anti Belgium feelings. Thanks to the coordination and planning from the United Kingdom and Belgium, especially Count Drakula and Mr. Wonka the UK beat the Netherlands to Wallonia, forcing them to give up their NE. Shortly after Germany invaded the Netherlands to help Poland in re conquering the Netherlands regions as per their agreement and as help for Belgium. As Belgium did not have any regions on the 23rd at the specific time and the wipe succeeded as well as preventing a attack from the Netherlands. Belgium also received a airstrike from the Republic of Moldova . A lot of speculate about the purpose of the Air Strike was because of the strategic location of Belgium in regards to Poland and the United Kingdom. Moldova landed successfully and the government tried to liberate Brussels once all our regions were conquered, Although Belgium lost the initial resistance war/ battle it was still epic. The UK passed a Natural Enemy against Moldova, and together along with Belgium's allies Moldova is on their way home. On day 2302, Moldova was officially removed from Belgium's regions, as thanks Mr. Wonka's and Jofroi's hard work as well as their administrations. Poland attack on Moldova in Flanders and 2 additional resistance wars secured Belgium, and enabled Belgium to continue to assist the UK in their efforts against LETO, and Moldova. Mr. Wonka also worked very closely with the State Military unit Commanders (ABC, BCA, BNA) to ensure Belgians damage was being focused on the same battles, and it had a greater impact.

Belgium signed 6 MPPs during the term, to combat Moldova, 4 were free thanks to donations from various governments and citizens. The state still only signed 2 MPPs, as per the government policy, The MPPs signed consisted of (Spain, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Macedonia and The United Kingdom). The Foreign Affairs team also made great strides in reopening the Netherlands embassy due to tensions dying down. Mr. Wonka was glad to have ended the term on a good note. The team has also restored the Embassy program and hope to see it continue to run in the future. As the term started to end, The United Kingdom and Belgium have made a statement of friendship to remember our pasts, our bonds and relations. As well as continue into the future as allies. Although it was already obvious that we have close relations, the statement adds a nice touch and was encouraged by Mr. Wonka. Lastly the topic of the month for Belgium in terms of Foreign Affairs. Belgium has changed its foreign affairs policy from neutral to proSirius. Belgium will now look forward to more communications, relations and coordination between Belgium, ProSirius, Sirius, and Aurora. The Valeyard was also appointed as dMC helper to the Military Commanding team of Sirius.

Mr. Wonka's Inauguration Day in Brussels.

During the term, Mr. Wonka's administration made great strides in domestic affairs. Mr. Wonka re introduced The Ministry of Home Affairs which greatly increased domestic activity, and closely worked with the Ministry of Education and Finance. The National Healthcare system was more active during the term and handed out food for a wider range of citizens, which increased Belgians activity. The Home Affairs Ministry in co coordination with the Ministry of Finance also ran the grab bag program which continued into the next term. The program gave the state a small amount of profit and generated increased activity, 100 bags were sold in total. Lastly the introduction of the Belgian Medals Project started with the term of Mr. Wonka. The Finance team also used the monetary market to increase profit from the states bank funds. The Education department also had a increase of activity with the introduction of the Belgian Guides, a off site website that combined all the guides and tutorials for a more comprehensive learning tool for new players. Lastly in terms of education a new Citizen Message was finally passed in game and in hopes of bridging the gap towards French and Dutch players, Dutch and French translations were also included.

As Mr. Wonka promised in his campaign, he wanted a more stable political system in Belgium since Res Belgica was PTOed the previous month and turned into No Pope - No Hope. Thanks to the efforts in the Ministry of National Security Res Belgica was back in its original form, as well as a regaining of Liberation front. Although L.I.O.N. was lost it was a overall win with 2/3 in terms of victories. With this the administration made great strides in National Security and enabled a improvement of the Security Council. The Security Council law was vastly improved and changes were made to improve the efficiency of the Security Council. Although Mr. Wonka greatly wanted democracy as seen in his actions of revising the law, unfortunately his focus was divided with the Military actions involving Belgium. A library of articles which consisted of all articles published during the term was published as a final article and it can be found here. Additionally Mr. Wonka's cabinet can be found here. Overall the term was very successful , making strides in every Ministry of Belgium. The government was extremely active in terms of media and things accomplished. The majority of Belgians enjoyed and appreciated the term of Mr. Wonka, and Mr. Wonka went back to being Minister of Foreign Affairs under the next President Jofroi

May 2014 Presidency

Campaigning for Presidency

After Jofroi's two terms as Country President in March and April, Mr. Wonka decided to run again for the position of Country President of Belgium. After Belgium gained Congress and stopped the wipe, Belgium needed a qualified candidate to continue to increase domestic activity. Mr. Wonka decided to run for the second time and renew a handful of programs that were lost during the wipe. He began to prepare for his candidacy and asked for support from the Party Presidents and the Current government who mostly wanted one candidate to combat and direct votes against the PTOers if they put up a candidate. Mr. Wonka ran out of All TOgethers as he was currently a member of the party. Mr. Wonka was supported by 4 parties: Res Belgica, The Belgian Dream, All TOgethers and Union-Unie. Due to the ATO/UU primary Union Unie originally supported Alexandross but later Alexandross dropped out and Union Unie went back to supporting Mr. Wonka. He wrote two articles about his campaign and announced his cabinet after he won, his Announcement, and manifesto. Including Volume one and volume two. On Election Day Mr. Wonka has more votes than Moses Liberator who was supported by Liberation front and Defiance throughout the whole election, Mr. Wonka had a steady lead The official elections results were Mr. Wonka with 58 votes and Moses Liberator with 28 votes for a total of 86 votes. Mr. Wonka won with a large lead with 67.44% of the votes and so his May Country President term began.

53rd President of Belgium

Parade in Belgium after Election Day

Mr. Wonka made a effort to revamp, reinstate and create new programs to improve the Belgian community and the state of the Belgium. His administration created and improved a variety of projects and activities that increased Belgian citizens activity and the activity of Belgian soldiers. A library of links was published at the end of the term and gives a summary of the term in one article which can be found here , additionally Mr. Wonka's cabinet can be found here.

The Ministry of Home Affairs took the lead domestically and promoted and increased activity especially media in Belgium and the Belgium government. As seen with the County Presidents Personal medal who went to HK416 (The MoHA at the time). The MoHA truly lead to a more active Belgium, with promoting and organizing community events such as 8 ball pool and the promotion of the rL Belgium meeting thorough interviewing tommot who planned the event. The Home Affairs team 'traveled' to Chile and Bulgaria as well and interviewed Trico and Imoenbg1 . Lastly the MoHA held a end of the term survey to gather the opinions of the Belgian population to be used in future governments, the survey included a variety of topics from actions of the ministry to general questions. The Education and Home Affairs Ministry co lead the apprenticeship program which increased activity in Belgium and promoted a more active and new government in the Future, the Education department guided trainees with their corresponding Ministry to learn more about each ministry. With Elynea back in Belgium the MoE published two new guides about elections and general activity. The NHS was re introduced into Belgium which provides food for new players in Belgium and is funded by donations, thanks to kind citizens around the world and FIN (The International Foundation for new players: a international NHS program) lead by initiatives in Germany, India, Venezuela and Chile.

International Relations ran smoothly as normally under Mr. Wonka. The embassy program was back under the experience of Vesk0P whom brought his knowledge from the Bulgarian MoFA program over to Belgium. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs greatly focused on improving relations in our corresponding region with our neighbors. In ProSirius and Sirius. Critically was appointed as dMC helper, as Mr. Wonka was ending his term as Director General, with LucasFTM of Switzerland replacing him. Under ProSirius Belgium participated and aided ProSirius in a variety of battles the most notable South Korea in their liberation for congress under RoC, and aided Ukraine in their large baby boom. Belgium also worked with Lithuania and Turkey on culture changes which gave each community a outlook on each other in order to further introduce the community to each other and improve relations with each country.

Throughout the past months the relations between the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germarkian union (Germany and Denmark) and Belgium greatly improved. Due to The Netherlands improving relations with Germany after their war a few months before, Germany being in aurora and Netherlands working towards joining aurora. As well as the regions defense during the Triple Invasion of the United Kingdom lead by The Republic of China, Norway and France as the UK just came out of war against Pakistan who air Striked Belgium. Belgium, Germany, the UK all NEed France and The Netherlands lead the attack against Norway and cutting off Norway's access to the United Kingdom. From their on All 4 countries held a joint strike uniting our military forces for Italy (a common ally) the results were powerful and intense in the battlefield as seen in the results here. All countries decided to secure our prosperity and friendship into the future and worked hard towards the end of the term to sign a regional defense pact protecting the North Sea region from attack against any enemy the pact is known as the North $ea Protection Pact.

North Sea Protection Pact's logo at the creation of the Pact.

The Ministry of Defense made huge strides into restoring the Belgian military to the bear of the administrations abilities. As mentioned above the Ministry of Defense lead and organized a joint strike which was very successful and offered supplies to all Belgian citizens who attended. The MoD did a stellar job publishing daily orders and keeping them updated. Belgium established the Belgian war vaults which was housed by jofroi. The war vaults used storage to hold supplies for a inevitable war involving Belgium as ERepublik is a war game. The MoD also enabled HK416 and Lorgroth to travel to Argentina and chile to make supplies for Belgium military units.

The Ministry of National Security worked hard to secure Belgium's safety for the month and for the future. Throughout the term the MoNS maintained the immigration process and application for applicants applying for Belgian citizenship, maintained records of immigration acceptances and provided Belgium with the information needed to assess and monitor threats to Belgium. Throughout the in game elections the MOHS organized votes to reduce PTOers influence and overall control. Party President elections were a success defending Res Belgica against another PTO threat as well as maintaining peace and tranquility in all other parties including DEFIANCE under jofroi's rule. Belgium had 30 congress seats as normal and congress elections were also a success. After country president elections Mr. Wonka will most likely go back to his 'normal' role in Belgium as Minister of Foreign Affairs making it his 9th term as MoFA in Belgium.

Monarchy of Belgium

When King Critically when establishing his court he named one of his eSon's Mr. Wonka as Heir to the Crown. Once critically decided to leave the game as seen in his last article on day 2,461: The end of the final chapter. Mr. Wonka was proclaimed High King of Belgium.

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Achievements.png Achievements

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker (x9) Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress Member (x5)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif Country President (x3) Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Battle Hero (x6) Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif Resistance Hero (x2) Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Super Soldier (x20)
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif Society Builder (x0) Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif Top fighter (x0) Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif True Patriot (x7)
Icon-USA.pngUSA and Icon-Belgium.pngBelgium
Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif Freedom Fighter (x5) Icon achievement Party President on.gif Party President (x1)

Alliance Achievements

Flag-CoT.png CoT Member (x1)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Flag-Sirius.jpg HQ Member (x1)
Director General of ProSirius
Flag-Root.jpg HQ Member (x1)
Secretary General

Honorary titles

Country Honour Since Until
Belgium February Newspaper of the Month February 2014 February 2014
Belgium Honorary Foreigner July 25th, 2014 August 7th, 2014

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Icon achievement Top Fighter on.gif e-Family

Wonka was born a e-orphan and for most of his e-life didn't have a family. Until he switched citizenship to Belgium. Konrad adopted him and Konrad + Critically became his parents. The Family is very influential in a Switzerland and Belgium having a long line of Country Presidents, and Ministers. Although the family has his roots in Switzerland and Belgium but branches out to most countries in the e-world among other but not limited to Netherlands, USA, Slovakia, Indonesia, Germany and United Kingdom [1]

Father: Konrad Neumann, Critically
Step Father: e Walle
Brother: MCKitkat, Tensa Zangetsu San, Alexandross, Nova.Navid Navid
Sister: Lily Jayne Summers
Sister-in-Law: Aniisha
Uncle: The Valeyard, Prophexy, Red Duck, flamendr
Aunt: None
Niece: Yannis
Cousins: Beaver Juice, Monsieur Guillontine
Great Uncle: Pieter (by marriage), boer jan, tecuvo
Great Aunt: Mittekemuis
Grandfather: Cotarius
Grandmother: MaryamQ
Great Grandfather: BrunoCND
Great Grandmother: Elynea