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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 17 February 2008 - Day 89
Date of death First time: Fall 2009
Second time: End of 2017 (est)
Residence Stockholm, Svealand
Sex Male
Congress member of Latvia
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Senior airman 4.png Senior Airman****

Once upon a time, there was a Mushmoon. This is his story.

The young days

On Day 89 of the New World, there was a newborn baby called Mushmoon. No one knows where he came from. No one knows why. Actually, no one didn't really know he was there at all...

Thus, he was there. He was young, and wasn't into the politics like all others. He saw a large group Organize to a government. It was the Legendary Flashback Sweden, who grew and grew, gained more power. He saw Sweden grow into a superpower, and eventually, the absolute mightiest country all over the New World.

Mushmoon kept on training and working, as a man ought to do, and grew larger and larger. Soon, when the Wars started to break out all over the world, he joined the Swedish Paratroops, and went out on military travels, to many foreign places like the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Ukraine. But most of the time, Mushmoon relaxed at a bar next to the Q5 hospital in Hawaii, USA.

The depression

On his many travels, Mushmoon saw much agony. Much pain. Much of what shouldn't happen to people, Political Takeovers for example. All this made Mushmoon fall deep, deep into a depression. He stopped working, he stopped training. He even stopped eating. He became sicker and sicker. Would he survive?

The Awakening

He did survive. One day, he decided to stop hiding, and just go outside and say hello to the world outside.

Once again, he joined the army. This time, Sweden was no more the greatest power in the New World. Thus, she was one of the most feared military powers, and alongside with her glorious allies, ATLANTIS, she fought in many foreign countries as in South Africa, Germany, and Switzerland once again.

Mushmoon became a powerful soldier, who slew many mighty men. Once, he saw an Indonesian legend, with over 15 in strength. Sweden grew more and more. She conquered Denmark and for the first time all of Germany. Lot's of wars passed by, and Mushmoon fought and conquered.

The New Life

After a very long time of battles and wars, Mushmoon grew tired of Sweden. He felt that he needed to start over, on new ground, and came in contact with a man named Nicholas Anatoliovic. Nicholas was running a socialistic party in the newly TOed nation Latvia, the United Latvian Socialist Party. Mushmoon had long discussions with him and decided to travel to help Nicholas in his cause.

Latvian Congressman

After three weeks in Latvia, it was time for Mushmoon to participate in the Congress elections. He wrote a presentation that he publicized in the official ULSP press, and won the people's heart enough to gain a seat in the Congress.

This became a very busy time for Mushmoon. He started a new newspaper, the Musho Legacies, and started to make his name better known in Latvia. He wrote several articles and got some fame in Latvia. At the time, the Latvian Revolution in Finland was upcoming, and it took much time to read all the media written.

Latvia grew. During one week, the Latvian population grew from 300 to 3000, and the newly born Latvians made enough noise to make the Hungarians tired, and attacked Finland just to get them silent. So Finland lost, and Latvia became the biggest country in the Baltic States.

In the next elections, Mushmoon gained lot's of trust from the population, as he was elected as congressman again, almost in the top 5 in votes (6th place). This made Mushmoon even happier, and lots of articles reached the Latvians reading eyes.