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Myles Robinson

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Day 624
05 August 2009
Date of death Summer 2012 (approximately)
Residence California
Sex Male
Congress member of USA
October 2009 – May 2010
Secretary of State of USA
April 2010 – May 2010
Preceded by Bradley Reala
June 2010 – July 2010
Chief of staff of White House
July 2010 – August 2010
Preceded by Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of State of USA
October 2010 – October 2010
Succeeded by Emerick
Provisional Prime Minister of New Zealand
October 2010 – November 2010
Succeeded by Calbe
Congress member of New Zealand
October 2010 – November 2010
Served under New Zealand Union Party
Advisor of the New Zealand government
November 2010 – December 2010
Served under Calbe
Chief of staff of White House
November 2010 – December 2010
Preceded by CRoy
Military rank Icon rank General**.png General**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Myles Robinson was an Icon-USA.png American politician and diplomat who was a leader of provisional government when Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand was added to the game.

He is a former White House Chief of staff during the administrations of Alexander Hamilton and Bradley Reala, served several terms in Congress. He has been attached to the old Libertarian Party, the Federalist Party, and the United States Workers Party. Myles has made a career in the State Department, serving in a variety of positions, most notably Secretary of State, Deputy Secretary of State, and Regional Director of Asia. He has been ambassador to China, South Korea, North Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Theocrats. After a year-long hiatus from the New World, he has returned and is once more serving in the U.S. Congress.


Born in California during the Indonesian occupation as Canada and Washington, D.C. both fell, Myles managed to escape into Florida with the help of the USA Welcoming Committee and Flying Unicorn Squadron. He first became active in the USA political scene when he assisted in then-Secretary of State LexLuthor1's anti-PTO efforts against Ajay Bruno in South Africa, as well as starting his own newspaper-- News, Inc. In September he became the United States Ambassador to China and in October 2009, Myles joined the Libertarian Party and successfully ran for congress. Since then he has been heavily involved in Congress, the State Department, and the media.

As a member of the Libertarian Party, he was a founding member of the Libertarian Party Steering Committee and a signee of the party constitution. Though he is not heavily involved in party politics, he remains an influential advising member of the party. He tends to avoid ever commenting on domestic politics or endorsing candidates outside of when the LPSC decides on who to give the Libertarian endorsement to. He has claimed that he has no particular loyalty to any one party; he just joined because he thought some of the people were cool and they were not as big as the United States Workers Party.

Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson's TC identification

In June of 2010, with the last vestiges Libertarian Party having finally been dissolved into the US Trade and Military Alliance, Myles left the party and joined the Federalists. Also in June, he joined the United States Training Corps, eventually reaching the rank of Corporal before being honorably discharged. Myles spent a few months in New Zealand helping get the new country founded before returning to the United States. He has rejoined the military in the Home Guard.

Political Career

Despite rarely commenting on politics or getting involved in party politics, Myles has nonetheless had quite a political career that has included eight terms in Congress and being in the Executive Cabinets of six presidential administrations. He tends to be fairly moderate politically, supportive of a non-aligned foreign policy, and an outspoken supporter of liberating China. He frequently says that he has absolutely no interest nor knowledge of economics and tax policy, and he usually tends to resort to sarcasm in a debate he deems frivolous or unimportant. He has served on the Congressional Select Committee on Intelligence both in executive and congressional capacities.

He has denied calls for him to run for the country presidency throughout the summer of 2010. Though on a list of potential candidates in the fall, he has since retired from politics. In the fall of 2010, he moved to the new nation of New Zealand and served as their first Provisional President, taking time to set up the government of the new nation and serving as its point-man. When an official president was elected, he stepped down and returned to the United States to continue his work there.

Executive Branch

For the vast majority of his career, Myles has served the executive branch as a diplomat and administrator, frequently managing the internal operations of the US Department of State as well as handling foreign affairs. He has frequently been used by presidents as a foreign policy advisor. A few presidents have offered him different positions in the past that he turned down, including Vice President and Secretary of the Media. In the July 2010 election, several candidates had him listed in their cabinets: Killing Time listed him as a Vizier (advisor), batterytime asked him to be Vice President, and Bradley Reala named him as Chief of Staff. Myles took to managing the operations of President Reala's administration. In August 2009, both presidential candidates St. Krems and Fionia asked him to stay on for their administrations, but he declined due to time constraints.

He continued to work with the Department of State for several administrations until returning as Chief of Staff in the White House of Alexander Hamilton. After Hamilton ended his term, Myles was kept on as a Deputy Chief of Staff in Josh Frost's administration. He and Speedcat McNasty have joked about passing the Chief of Staff position back and forth to each other.


In October 2009, Myles became the first person to represent the state of Maryland following the PEACE occupation of North America, defeating rival candidates Gleb2006 (USWP), Genghis Hank (UIP), beast4521 (AAP), and Timothy Michael Shaw (CvP). The election was marked by some controversy when it was discovered that Gleb2006 was offering to buy votes at Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD a piece, resulting in the USWP withdrawing their support for his candidacy. In Congress, Myles served on the Foreign Relations Advisory Committee and did not miss a single vote.

In November 2009, Myles ran for reelection and comfortably defeated challengers Lawliet94 (USWP), Jason Conners (CvP), and Grandfather Rabbit (AAP). He voted in favor of the committee reorganization in Congress, and was subsequently placed on the External Affairs Committee, serving on the Foreign Relations Advisory (sub)Committee. Myles offered a vote of ABSTAIN in the landmark decision of Congress to join EDEN. The congressman had several concerns revolving around American's ability to conduct unilateral foreign policy and getting bogged down in Europe, but was also knowledgeable to how much EDEN had assisted the United States and how the increase in military coordination would be beneficial. Stating that he could not in good conscience vote either way, he joined a handful of other congressmen in abstaining.

Myles Robinson
Some have accused Myles Robinson of being an elitist politician and bureaucrat, which he doesn't deny.

In December 2009, it what was known as the "Christmas Congress", Myles ran against two blocker candidates in an opposed race for reelection to Maryland. He was endorsed by the Libertarian Party, the United States Workers Party, America's Advancement Party, the Haight Independence Party, the Socialist Freedom Party, and the Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review. He once again served on the Foreign Relations Advisory sub-Committee. In January of 2010, endorsed once more by all of the top parties, Myles ran against two blocker candidates and was re-elected to a fourth term in Congress on FRAC. Myles continued on to be victorious in the elections of February and March of 2010, and was also chosen as chairman of the Foreign Relations Advisory Committee during that time. His chairmanship was marked by the debate and decision to have the United States withdraw from the EDEN alliance. In April he was re-elected to a seventh term in Maryland, but decided against chairing FRAC in order to focus more on his duties in the Department of State.

In May of 2010, Myles ran on the USA Trade and Military Alliance Party ticket, the successor to the Libertarians, in Maryland. His voter base mostly dissipating and his party busy stopping allies of Ajay Bruno from getting into Congress, Myles was sniped out of the race by S.E.E.S., losing Maryland to Carlos De Leon after seven months of service. He has since taken on a more advising role and maintains activity within the public portions of Congress. He was also placed in charge of the "Model Congress", otherwise called as the Chamber of Deputies, and elected without opposition as Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, charged with helping get the foundations of the group established and making it a viable training program for people new to the political system. Though he voted against creating the program, he has said that it has the potential to be successful.

In June, Myles departed TAMA and joined with the Federalist Party, where he was placed to run for Congress in Rhode Island. Endorsed by the Federalists, TAMA, UIP, and USWP, Myles ran unopposed against a field of blockers to be reelected to an eighth term. The primary concern of this Congress was the adjustment of the country to the newly-released V2, eRepublik Rising. He chose not to run for reelection at the end of his term, taking a hiatus from Congress.


Myles has been very active in the US State Department, eventually becoming Secretary of State and also serving under Secretaries of State Wade Seagrave, WahooBob, Cerb, Bradley Reala, Devoid, Woxan, and Mr. Hyphenated. In September he took over the position of Ambassador to China, a position he kept under various administrations. First working with the solotar administration in China, Ambassador Robinson has since forged good relationships with the aliao administration and maintains a favorable working relationship with the Chinese. In this role, he has been an incredibly vocal figure in the fight to free China from PEACE/HIRIS/Phoenix occupation. He resigned as ambassador to China in January 2010. Myles has also served as ambassador to the Theocrats, South Korea, and North Korea, and has also worked frequently with Japan. He is typically regarded as one of the USA's experts when it comes to dealing with Asian affairs.

In November 2009, Myles was promoted to the position of Regional Boss for Asia, overseeing the entire United States diplomatic team to all Asian countries. In January 2010, Myles stepped down as Regional Boss for China and was promoted to Deputy Director of Ambassadorial Affairs for Asia, the Americas, and Oceania, overseeing the diplomatic teams for those regions. In February of 2010, Robinson was given a position in the Josh Frost administration as a Deputy Secretary of State for Asia, Africa, and Oceania, a position he held through the PigInZen Administration. During his time as Deputy Secretary of State, he worked with Japanese leaders like Crawling Chaos to get them to ally with the Brolliance, and also helped initiate public discussion in China on the issue.

Myles Robinson
Myles has had to deal with many foreign policy storms in his time.

After months of service in the department, Robinson was appointed as Secretary of State during the Woxan Administration. His term began on shaky ground with the United States having just withdrawn from EDEN and tensions between Poland and the USA surmounting. With various leaders of the State Department leaving the country or moving on to other things, he pulled in several new people and appointed them to positions and elevated others as well, bringing in some fresh blood to the department. Robinson stirred some feathers with a controversial article criticizing Poland's decision to declare war on Mexico, but has since worked with Polish Foreign Minister vingaer and other diplomats to repair relations between the United States and EDEN in the wake of the outbreak of war. Tasked with presenting President Woxan's foreign policy in the nation, his newspaper was put to use in pushing the "non-alignment" policy of the administration. Robinson also appointed former Secretary Bradley Reala to head up a new bureau within the department tasked with identifying and working against PTO attempts worldwide, in conjunction with the CIA.

Following the diplomatically tumultuous month of April, Robinson was replaced by Colin Lantrip in the Harrison Richardson administration. Due to RL time concerns, Colin resigned after a few days and was replaced by his deputy, Mr. Hyphenated, who then instated Robinson as Deputy Secretary of State. As number two in the department, Robinson continued to be active in the internal operations of State and in the administration. When Chocolate McSkittles was elected, Robinson stayed on in his position and helped with the reorganization of the State Department's internal structure as well as took point on several diplomatic items with other nations on behalf of the administration. When Hyphenated became inactive due to RL constraints, Myles became Acting Secretary of State.

Citing concerns over stagnation and fear of overshadowing the potential of others, Myles resigned his post in the State Department at the beginning of July after eleven months of service. LexLuthor1 suggested in Congress naming the State Department Board on the USA Forums after Myles for his service to the department and USA Foreign Policy. His absence was not long, however, as he returned to work in the State Department in positions including Deputy Secretary, Acting Secretary, and Secretary during the terms of St. Krems, Chocolate McSkittles, and Harrison Richardson. He remains one of the nation's chief foreign policy advisors and is very active within the Department of State.

News, Inc.

Myles is the press director of News, Inc., a newspaper that focuses predominantly on foreign affairs but also looks into domestic affairs occasionally. It has posted articles in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Hungary, and Russia, and currently has 1200+ subscribers. He often says that his personal favorite article was the ""Declaration of War on Britain"" in January of 2010. The newspaper also gained prominent press for it's ""Expose on the Holy See"" multi PTO organization, which led to multiple cheaters being banned. As a news analyst, he is cited in other articles sometimes and has appeared on the Jude Connor's Radio Show and Fighting 'Round the World. The newspaper typically avoids becoming political or endorsing candidates, but during Robinson's tenure as Secretary of State, it was used occasionally to discuss the USA's foreign policy.

The newspaper was also used for months to convince infamous player Ajay Bruno or any of his multiple accounts to befriend Myles. Bruno had refused to befriend him as Ajay Bruno, Winston L.S. Churchill, or Pizza the Hut for months, citing Myles being mean to him by publicly mocking him in the media and helping against him in elections. However, with Pizza the Hut's election as Congressman of Florida, Myles made further overtures and Ajay finally sent a friend request to Myles. It was a glorious day. Apart from trying to befriend Ajay, the newspaper is sometimes also used to call DanielCD names or say hello to Mr Woldy.

News, Inc. finally surpassed 1000 subscribers in May of 2010 thanks to individuals like ligtreb and Lieutenant Scheisskopf helping expand the reader base.


Icon achievement Country President on.gif USA Presidential Administrations

USA Presidential Administrations
Month President Roles
November 2009 Josh Frost Director of Asian Affairs
December 2009 Jewitt Director of Asian Affairs, Presidential Advisor
January 2010 Jewitt Director of Asian and American Affairs, Presidential Advisor
February 2010 Josh Frost Deputy Secretary of State
March 2010 PigInZen Deputy Secretary of State
April 2010 Woxan Secretary of State
May 2010 Harrison Richardson Deputy Secretary of State
June 2010 Chocolate McSkittles Secretary of State
July 2010 Bradley Reala Chief of Staff
August 2010 St. Krems Presidential Advisor
September 2010 St. Krems Deputy Secretary of State
October 2010 Colin Lantrip Secretary of State, Deputy Chief of Staff
November 2010 Alexander Hamilton Chief of Staff
December 2010 Josh Frost Deputy Chief of Staff
    • White House Deputy Chief of Staff
    • Former White House Chief of Staff x2
    • Former Secretary of State x3
    • Former Congressman of Rhode Island
    • Former Congressman of Maryland x7
    • Former Deputy Secretary of State x5
    • Former Undersecretary of State for Asia and Oceania x2
    • Former Deputy Director of Ambassadorial Affairs for Americas, Asia, and Oceania
    • Former State Department Regional Boss of Asia
    • Former Ambassador to China
    • Former Ambassador to the Theocrats of South Korea
    • Former Acting Ambassador to North Korea
    • Former Chairman of the Congressional Foreign Relations Advisory Subcommittee
    • Founding Member of the Libertarian Party Steering Committee
    • Former New Zealand Provisional President
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 16x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 10x Congress Member
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 1x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 11x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 1x Society Builder