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General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Type Elite unit
Total Soldiers 90
Commanded by myrmid0nas

Myrmidons is a Greek military unit. Myrmidons don't consider themselves to be a mere military group, because their aim is always to create characters that would be qualified to offer their qualities in all aspects of community, not only inside of Greece. Due to this way of thinking, Myrmidons have several well respected members that occupied key positions as ex-Presidents of Greece, MoDs, ambassadors in numerous EDEN and other countries and members of many Greek official bodies.


Its historical roots stretch back to Achilles and his company of Greece finest warriors. To this day the Myrmidons proudly carry the legacy Achilles and his men forged by Trojan blood.

Myrmidons are one of the most powerful and historic military groups in Greece. Since their existence goes way back in the V1 during which, it was the strongest Greek group of that time and proudly protected the territorial integrity of Greece and EDEN.

Myrmidons` aim was exclusively the military superiority of Greece and EDEN, combined with the promotion and education of younger players.

This military group of Greece done a stunning reform of their ranks which was a part of its Nemesis Fight Team counting at the moment 91 members that are fully combatant and ready to bring hell to Greece and EDEN enemies. Their comeback was quite emphatic as in 10 days of full function Myrmidons managed to land more than 100 million influence in both Greek and EDEN campaigns, bringing the team to an all time high of the 2nd most influential military unit in eRepublik.

The leader of Myrmidons was Geokos, and before him, a natural leader in v1 was Jaguaros. Both players have lots of eRepublik experience and dedicated many years that contained much blood, sweat and tears of both happiness and joy.

Myrmidons changes leadership

After the death of Geokos, Iaswn became the new leader of Myrmidons. He quickly reorganized the military unit, to become one of the most powerful in the New World.


Main article: Terroristas

Not happy with Greece joining Asteria, Myrmidons started fighting against it and were called the terroristas by the Greek government.

Prominent members

Apart leaders of the unit mentioned above, in the unit were (are) also