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This citizen has been reincarnated as o0n3m00o

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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth 16 February 2008
Day 88
Date of death June 2009
Residence Western Siberia
Newspaper Dunia Dalam Berita
President of Indonesia
6 November 2008 – 5 December 2008
Preceded by Bima
Succeeded by Claussen
Congress member of Indonesia
26 October 2008 – 25 November 2008
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
He died twice from permanent banning for holding multi-accounts. Committed suicide in game since he felt being used by Admin. 

n3m0 was an Indonesian politician and journalist.

Generally was well respected by most citizens of the New World. He received positive comments even from traditional enemies such as taytaz who says in his description of n3m0:

"and even on the other side of the war, blink-az and n3m0 who displayed remarkable patriotism and loyalty, as well as flexibility and understanding as to the needs of other groups".


He was part of Indonesia, Philippines, Argentina, Australia, Pakistan and several countries history.

Played for more then 12 hours a day and did his best to built the community, used 4 hours a day just to made news at Dunia Dalam Berita almost everyday for 1 and half year. But he was reborn as o0n3m00o.

Went to Lithuania in order to find new home with Jelly_Army, where he tried to find new home in Malaysia.

He was a member of Partai Rakyat Merdeka and founder of Totally Outlaw Party.

Philippines February 2009

4 new countries appear and 3 of them were Indonesian neighbours, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore (and Serbia). To prevent them from being PTO'd by rivals, some Indonesian citizens took the initiative to help their neighbours. n3m0 helped the Philippines by creating political party People Power Party on February 11, 2009... and lending money, Masila became advisor of Woshiempire, Bong created a party in Malaysia.

Pakistan 2009

Pakistan for a long time has been seen as a individualist, even though it was in the PEACE alliance. With Pakistan struggling to support itself foreign help would soon arrive with citizens such as n3m0. Although some came only to start companies which the native Pakistanis were reluctant to support, many were there to try and revive the former glory of the Holy Empire of Pakistan. n3m0 had talks with Iran to have Pakistan's original regions returned and even though this proved to be difficult and eventually fell through. This line of thinking would help Pakistan to kick start itself into action. In February 2009 Pakistan would see it's two regions returned after the presidents of Pakistan and Iran signed an agreement.

Indonesia-Argentina War

Indonesia-Argentina War was an armed conflict between Indonesia and Argentina that took place between 11 November 2008 and 23 February 2009 in Western Cape and Argentina. It led to Argentina leaving ATLANTIS and lated becoming member of PEACE.

On November 11, 2008, President n3m0 of Indonesia asked the congress to declare war on Argentina. The President had prepared an attack to Argentina at the same month, but because of a bug, the attack was canceled.

During Operation French Toast, Argentina, then part of ATLANTIS, did its part for the alliance by attacking the Indonesian-occupied region of Western Cape, originally a province of South Africa. It did this three times, in order to distract the Indonesians. Still, Operation French Toast eventually failed, with all ATLANTIS forces being pushed out of France.

On December 29, 2008, Indonesia finally attacked and conquered the Argentinian region of Pampas, with a very large proportion of Argentinian citizens and a Q5 defence citizen. This body blow caused much turmoil among ATLANTIS forces, resulting in morale blows, chaos among the Argentine populace (many of whom accused Romania of being too busy seeking its own imperialist gains in Russia as opposed to helping Argentina repulse Indonesia); meanwhile, Indonesia conquered Patagonia. Cuyo was nearly conquered, and was a few hours away from falling victim to yet another annexation, but Siddy, the President of Argentina, managed to halt any more destruction to his nation by proposing an unofficial peace treaty with Indonesia (and Brazil), both of which agreed. Soon after, Argentina left ATLANTIS; it later joined PEACE, together with Chile and Slovenia.


He was the press director of Dunia Dalam Berita.


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