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Na Maloom Afrad came on a referral of a citizen named HumayunMirza. Until now he has showed a great patriotism and love for his country: Pakistan.

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Na Maloom Afrad

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Nationality Flag-Egypt.jpg Egyptian
National rank 57
Date of birth Aug 10, 2014
Residence Islamabad
Sex Male
Political party Strong Egypt PArty
Newspaper Na Maloom Akhbar
4 Term Congressman of Pakistan
1 Term Congressman of Slovenia
4 Term Congressman of Australia
1 term Ministry of Defence of Pakistan
1 term Ministry of education of Pakistan
1 term Ministry of Foreign affairs of Pakistan
Succeeded by Shoaib Khan
Military unit Pakistani Warriors
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Na Maloom Afrad has once been a Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and once Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the founder of Na Maloom Akhbar and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Although this party was already made but unfortunately it didn't remained alive, Na Maloom Afrad brought it back to life.


Na Maloom Afrad has been obsessed with Politics. As mentioned above, he has been once MoD, MoE and MoFA while he was a party member of Democratic Party of Pakistan.

He was firstly made a MoE. But it was half a session. Then he was made a MoFA on the bases that the Prime minister of that time left for America. He is known as Mr. Swagg (Not to insult though). After that period, sophec became the President, and established Na Maloom Afrad as the MoD.

Also, he has been congress member 4 times at the time when Pakistan was under pressure.


There is not much here but in his Military career, he had been MoD once. Pakistan at that time was conquered by China. Pakistan then attacked and got free from Chinese control and had Israel conquered. Na Maloom Afrad was there and fought for his country. He had been in Diost Legion, Special Services Group, Mujahid Occupation Group and Pakistan Army in the past.

Currently he serves in Pakistani Warriors as unit Commander.

Real Life

This is just a simple teen born on 11 Sept 2000. He is obsessed with indoor games e.g Squash, Tennis, basketball, Snooker, Table Tennis and swimming.

He belongs to Pakistan in Real life. He is from Lahore and Punjab.

He has a brother, 8 years elder than him and a young sister also 8 years younger than him.