Nacionāldemokrātu partija

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Nacionāldemokrātu partija

General Information
Country Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Abbreviation NDP
Forum [1]
Colors dark red
Founded 16 July 2009
President Dolaars
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats (0%)
Succeeds Friends of eLatvia
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Nacionāldemokrātu partija is a political party in Latvia. It was created in 16 July 2009 by taking over Friends of eLatvia.


The party was established by several Latvian citizens (including several ex-ministers) unhappy with Red.Fox's leadership of the country which they described as being a dictatorship. They decided to take over a small party led by some foreigners (Friends of eLatvia). The party then changed name to Nacionāldemokrātu partija. Due to a lot of congress members leaving Latvia (and also the fact that during the last elections at the moment of NDP's rise Latvia only had 2 regions) NDP were just one vote short of a supermajority which would let them impeach red-fox. They gained two votes by recruiting several other congress members to vote for impeachment.

Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps then became the president of Latvia. NDP won the following congress elections and gained a majority in parliament. The party decided to endorse Nameisis' (then Minister of Economics) campaign for president for the next elections, which prompted Kristaps to leave the party and Latvia. He managed to defeat Red.Fox and become president. NDP gained even more seats during the August congress elections and in the following presidential elections 10 days later uncontested Nameisis was re-elected.

During September congress elections, however, the party won but for the first time didn't get majority of places in the congress. This was due to several new parties being established at the time and some of the veteran players (including some former NDP members) returning to Par Dzimteni. The following presidential elections were the hardest for Nameisis, with him receiving the smallest number of votes to date. During mid-term he resigned and Kristaps became the new president. The Latvian media then started speculating on who could become the next NDP presidential candidate, with names like Skazis, SpeedKing, carlosinos, Erixxx and Underteiker being mentioned by the yellow press.[1] hariboss and Underteiker submitted their candidacies in the party voting for presidential candidate, the latter of them won and went on to become president.

The October congress election was a succesful one for NDP. They managed to win 18 seats for the second month in a row, despite prognoses being that they would lose a few places.[2]

In November Skazis refused to continue being party president so SpeedKing was elected in his place. In the following congress elections NDP won, however, they garnered just 13 places, by far the lowest ranking in the history of the party. They lost the president elections, though, with candidate Amakatanav garnering 15% of votes and fourth place. In December NDP lost the congress election for the first time, by winning 10 seats, one less than the winner Pro Patria, lead by Nameisis and several other ex-NDP citizens. The party then decided to support its former member and the Pro Patria candidate Kaspars09 for president in January elections. Kaspars won by a small margin.

In January a lot of baby boomers started to die so the number of NDP members dropped from over 600 to under 400. In the congress elections they received just 5 seats, their worst result ever. In the presidential election they decided to support Tempus Rapa candidate Jezups von der Vucins who won by 6 votes. In the February congress electiond NDP returned to its former results by winning 10 seats and second place in the election. That month it was also one of the most organised parties since November.[3]

SpeedKing was party's candidate for the March presidential elections and he was supported by three more parties. However, he failed to gain enough support from the undecided voters to win. Because the actual president, hariboss, failed to fulfill his promise of giving wars each day, he resigned and SpeedKing became president on March 11th. Dolaars, meanwhile, won the party elections.

Party presidents

Term Name
July 16, 2009 — November 15, 2009 Skazis
November 16, 2009 — March 15, 2010 SpeedKing
March 16, 2010 — present Dolaars

Congress elections

Month Won seats Place
July 2009 21/40 1st
August 2009 23/40 1st
September 2009 18/40 1st
October 2009 18/40 1st
November 2009 13/40 1st
December 2009 10/40 2nd
January 2010 5/40 4th
February 2010 10/40 2nd

Presidential candidates

If the candidate is in italics, he was a member of another party.
Month Name Place  %
August 2009 Nameisis 1st 63.28
September 2009 Nameisis 1st 100.00
October 2009 Nameisis 1st 54.96
November 2009 Underteiker 1st 37.56
December 2009 Amakatanav 4th 14.82
January 2010 Kaspars09 1st 31.32
February 2010 Jezups von der Vucins 1st 44.23
March 2010 SpeedKing 2nd 48.36


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