Nacionalni Demokrati

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Nacionalni Demokrati Hrvatske

Party-Nacionalni Demokrati.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation NDH
Forum [1]
Colors White, Red
Founded July 23th, 2009
Dissolved 2010?
President FrankoSeman
Members 126
Congress Occupancy 1/40 2,7%
Succeeds Hrvatska Narodna Stranka
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian

The Nacionalni Demokrati Hrvatske or in English National Democrats of Croatia (abbreviated as NDH or ND) was a political party in Croatia. It was previously known as the Savez Hrvatskih Nacionalista (SHN)

The NDH Official Forums

[2] This ws the center of the NDH‘s activity. Everything went through the forums, and is generally there long before it is released in a statement.

 As the center of everything for the NDH, It is important - and incredibly beneficial- to register and get active on our forums. 

Party Ideals

Far right . An gravity declaration of national pride. It is a difficult concept of Party Members, considered to be nationalists or national pride people. Main goal: To make Croatia bigger and bigger.

Our party listens to all members - be they 1 day old or 12 months. It is completely open - there is no limit to what you can or can't do, other than your own ability. If you see something wrong in the party, you are encouraged to tell us about it, and then work with us as we try to correct it.

As the party has grown, so too have the key group of members who hold the party together. But this is not an exclusive club - to become a part of it, all you need to do is show initiative and get involved. Our party is always looking for new active members. We are the obvious choice for free thinkers - those who wish to be free of the hive mentality displayed in some of the larger parties. we stand for anyone who does not wish to be part of a conglomerate, we are there for anyone who wants to do there own thing.

We listen to every member of the party, and offer everyone a chance to be heard. Everyone's voice is equal, and all members can rise to the top. We have a great core of helpful, friendly and experienced players who are always more than happy to offer help or advice to fellow party members. We would run a mentor program which pairs a new member with an experienced citizen, providing help and advice whenever needed.


Mission Statement's

We at the NDH are a group who wish stand apart. We believe in a totalitarian system of government. In all things we believe that united we are stronger, as a nation and as a party. We believe that the best way forward is to take the time to help everyone around us, both new and old. We have our own personal beliefs, but these remain true to us all. Stand up for Croatia.


Let's Go Croatia - This one is just for NDHs members, what you do is contact one of us in charge, and we send you a ticket so that you can move to war free.

Become Members - The Party runs a Program to become more Members, where we take all people in the eWorld where are Nationalits or National .

Future Plans

Mentor Program The Party would runs a Mentor Program, where experienced members are paired with new members, giving the newer player a valuable resource - knowledge and information. This is controlled through the NDHs forums.

Government Positions

The following is a list of all members of the NDH that hold positions in Croatia.

Congressional Members

Military Positions


The National Democrats of Croatia Party started first with the most members in HSP or HUS in the year 2009. With the idea of Franko Seman and SorrowCro we changed after the election of Franko Seman to party president, ist mission and name to become more welcoming to all members of eRepublik.

NDH entered the 5th powerful party in Croatia for certain amount of time.

Party Presidents

  • NDH Party Presidents
  1. Franko Seman (July)
  2. Franko Seman (August)