Narodna stranka

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General Information
Country Flag-Montenegro.jpg Montenegro
Abbreviation NS
National rank 3
Colors red and gold
President Seksi Azhdaja
Vice President k.nikola
Councillor Mihajlo Obrenovic
Members 12
Congress Occupancy 4/30 seats, 13%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Narodna stranka is a political party in Montenegro and it an long time participant in the political life of the country. It's currently third largest party in Montenegro. At the peak of its activity, in early history of Montenegro, it was second largest.

Basics of party's history

Narodna stranka took part throughout the most of the history of the proud nation of Montenegro. The 3 of it's presidential candidates succeeded in winning the elections and becoming the presiding members of country's society.

Orientation and ideology

Most of it's history, Narodna stranka was a right-winged party with Authoritarian ideology but that changed in 2017 when the leaders opted for a more moderate approach. Since then, Narodna stranka is a Libertarian party with a center-right orientation.

The party founders were keen of keeping very close relationship with Serbia with whom Montenegro shared strong mutual friendship both in Real Life and the New World, especially with Akcioni pokret party.

Congressional elections

Narodna stranka is the third largest political party in Montenegro, a country steadily dominated by the coalition of Jedinstvena Crna Gora and Ujedinjena Crna Gora. That being said, Narodna stranka consistently wins the third place in the parliamentary elections.

Last 12 congressional results were:

Month Seats won [1] Score achieved Votes, Absolute Votes, Percentage
January 2017 7 3rd 9 20
February 2017 3 3rd 8 18,60
March 2017 7 3rd 10 24,39
April 2017 8 3rd 9 23,08
May 2017 6 3rd 9 20,45
June 2017 7 3rd 9 22,50
July 2017 7 3rd 9 22,50
August 2017 7 3rd 8 22,22
September 4 3rd 8 22,86
October 2017 4 3rd 4 12,12
November 2017 6 2nd/3rd 11 24,44
December 2017 4 3rd 8 19,05

Presidential elections

As previously said, Narodna stranka has independently won 3 of these elections:

Month Winner Runner-up Votes, Absolute Votes, Percentage
January 2015 Citizen1495137.jpg drfreeman supported by UCG and JCG 38 100
May 2016 Citizen2655081.jpg BlagiMontenegro savvelin 15 41,67
November 2016[2] Citizen4663840.jpg Zmajeviti IgorMilic7 25 46,30

Visual identity

Narodna stranka has had just one change of its logo so far:

First logo Current logo
Party-Narodna stranka v2.jpg Party-Narodna stranka.jpg
  1. The number of seats depends not only on the percentage of votes but also on the number of regions a country controls by the time of elections
  2. Interesting enough, throughout 2016 Montenegro was under a dictatorship which rendered the position of Country President powerless. In order to gain income, the dictatorship coalition was selling CP office to a highest bidder: in exchange for a certain amount of currency (around 30,000 CC) a player would gain support from UCg and JCG and get the decoration he or she wanted while the country would fill it's coffers for a decent sum of money. It was a fashion followed by a lot of countries in the New World. On the very day of the November elections, the UCG and JCG candidate asked Zmajeviti for 30,000 CC to hand him over the victory.