Narodowa Demokracja

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Narodowa Demokracja

General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Abbreviation ND
National rank 3
Forum Forum
Colors Black, White and Red
President PawelHusarz
Vice President Alorio
Secretary General Franek Dolas
Members 80
Congress Occupancy 8/40 seats, 20%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Narodowa Demokracja (English: National Democracy) is a far-right, authoritarian political party in Poland.

It is only younger than Partia Wolnych Ludzi, Polska Partia Patriotyczna and Niezalezna Polska on Polish political scene.

Narodowa Demokracja was founded by Hans Kloss.


In short

It was once the biggest party in Poland. Many country Presidents were from this party. The main mission of the party is connecting experience of old players and enthusiasm od newbies.

Party-Narodowa Demokracja v2.png


Narodowa Demokracja is a right-sided party, that's why we are supporting Free Market. Country interventions should be as minimal as it is only possible. We know that the main thing in eRepublik is war and that's why we think, that taxes should be as small as they only can be, but enough to give a Country income that can give fun for all players. In crisis time we allow the rise of taxes, but only after serious debate. In economical cases Narodowa Demokracja we are supporting every initiative making polish companies stronger on our market.


Support for newbies

In case of helping in newbies finances, we think that education is the main point. Giving gold, currencies or items should be organised by non-Government Organisations helping newbies. The country should only advertise this kind of activity without financing them.

The best answer, what means not only is investing in newbies: for example by sending logistics for Military Groups which have newbies as members.


Domestic Affairs

Narodowa Demokracja despite name from Real Life party, in eRepublik exists to give place for players which are active and interested in building society using for example IRC. Right-sided way of thinking is great, but is not needed for someone to join Narodowa Demokracja.

Academies and Military for newbies

In its activity in helping new players our party have academy ran by experienced players which are revealing game contents, and a Military Group which is not party's organisation but in which we have put our time and a lot of sleepless nights - GOAND. It is created for newbies to become old players and then to be commanders of younger players.



We are admiring people with other ideas, but we believe only in positive campaigns. We hate trolling and we want to kick it out of politics.

Helping each others

Narodowa Demokracja is thinking that we can work with everyone in name of making things better, especially better for Poland.

Our main task is to give Poland good politics, soldiers - specialists in their activity to help Poland handle its problems.

Foreign Activity

Country over all. All we do, we are doing it for Poland and it needs in this game. We want to see Poland having every resource.

We are leaders of changes in polish foreign affairs. Poland's interests are most important to us. Poland should be part of alliances in which we have something to say.

Ellections standards

Every election in Narodowa Demokracja are secured by Voting Department. Members of it are doing everything they can, to check promoted people in their activities - especially in morality and innocence.

Multi Accounts

Narodowa Demokracja is not tolerating players that are breaking the game rules, especially creating multi accounts. We don't care about their motivation, if it is so they are banned on our IRC channels and forum.

Icon position country president.gif The presidents from Narodowa Demokracja

Citizen1109792.jpg aryss
Citizen1111421.jpg DeJoT
Citizen1271153.jpg adios_pl
Citizen1353923.jpg Cerber
Citizen1545577.jpg Sztandarowy
Citizen2388273.jpg Pierre Dzoncy

Party Presidents of Narodowa Demokracja

Date term began Name
February 2009 Plakat4ND.png Hans Kloss
16 March 2009 Citizen1111421.jpg DeJoT
16 April 2009 Citizen1109792.jpg aryss
16 May 2009 Citizen1276269.jpg lukasznaw
16 June 2009 Plakat4ND.png Hans Kloss
16 July 2009 Citizen1111421.jpg DeJoT
16 August 2009 Citizen1271153.jpg adios_pl
16 September 2009 Citizen1353923.jpg Cerber
16 October 2009 I3utch.jpg i3utch
16 November 2009 Citizen1353923.jpg Cerber
16 December 2009 Plunio7.jpg plunio7
16 January 2010 Lyzer.jpg Layzer
16 February 2010 Wybran.jpg Wybranowski
16 March 2010 Yaro.jpeg Yaro2705
16 April 2010 Kaczy.jpg Kaczy88pl
16 May 2010 Kaczy.jpg Kaczy88pl
16 June 2010 Kaczy.jpg Kaczy88pl
16 July 2010 Trawa.jpg trawa
16 August 2010 Draho.jpg draho
16 September 2010 Nallaereb.jpg Nallaereb
16 October 2010 Tremeda.jpg Tremeda
16 November 2010 Matisoj
16 December 2010 Citizen2388273.jpg Pierre Dzoncy
16 January 2011 AlexanderM.jpg Alexander Maly
16 February 2011 Matisoj
16 March 2011 Matisoj
16 April 2011 Draho.jpg draho
16 May 2011 Citizen2319594.jpg Appylan
16 June 2011 Plakat4ND.png Jakub Czerwik
16 July 2011 Citizen3241842.jpg krawczu
16 August 2011 Mpakosh.jpg mpakosh
16 September 2011 Citizen2388273.jpg Pierre Dzoncy
16 October 2011 MagicH.jpg Magic Hereos
16 November 2011 Prometeusz.jpg Prometeusz
16 December 2011 Sodel.jpg Sodel
16 January 2012 Plakat4ND.png jdna100

(aka Lyzer)

16 February 2012 Henryk Kwinto.jpg Henryk Kwinto
16 March 2012 Draho avatar.jpg draho
16 April 2012 Fanatic1906.png Fanatic1906
16 May 2011 Farrokh Bulsarra
16 June 2012 Matisoj
16 July 2012 Matisoj
16 August 2012 Plakat4ND.png jdna100

(aka Lyzer)

16 September 2012 Citizen5491014 v2.jpg El Reto
16 October 2012 Citizen5363387 v2.png Gerald666
16 November 2012 Citizen5363387 v2.png Gerald666
16 December 2012 Citizen5363387 v2.png Gerald666
16 January 2013 Citizen6240101 v2.png Quox
16 February 2013 Citizen1668628.png Majbus
16 March 2013 Citizen5363387 v2.png Gerald666
16 April 2013 Citizen5363387 v2.png Gerald666
16 May 2013 Citizen2331654.png Konoha no Kiiroi Senko
16 June 2013 Citizen2331654.png Konoha no Kiiroi Senko
16 July 2013 Citizen6240101 v2.png Quox
16 August 2013 Citizen1668628.png Majbus
16 September 2013 Citizen7539408.png Sarandir
16 October 2013 Beatka.png Beatka84pl
16 November 2013 Citizen2350257.png KapiRadom
16 December 2013 Citizen1668628.png Majbus
16 January 2014 Test1gry.png test1gry
16 February 2014 Citizen2350257.png KapiRadom
16 March 2014 Citizen1668628.png Majbus
16 April 2014 Citizen2350257.png KapiRadom
16 May 2014 Citizen7539408.png Sarandir
16 June 2014 Citizen7539408.png Sarandir
16 July 2014 Citizen7539408.png Sarandir


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