National Arab Movement of UAE

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National Arab Movement of UAE

Party-National Arab Movement of UAE.png
General Information
Country Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg United Arab Emirates
Abbreviation NAM
Organization United Arab Emirates United Defence Force.png United Arab Emirates Union Defence Force
Forum Forum
Colors Red, Green, White and Black
Founded January 20th 2011
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The National Arab Movement of UAE was a party created by Emorfion, on January 20th 2011.



In the economic ideology, the parties main intention was to enter eUAE to the international economic market. To make the UAE open to all sorts of economic trade, from all sorts of countries.


Creation of a military force. UAE needs a military force to protect herself from the nations next to us. Someday, Iran could rise and attack UAE, or India could rise and attack UAE, to such scenarios we need to be prepared.


Establishment of a political system. In order to make UAE great, and superior to other nations, we need to have the freedom of thought. We need to be able to trust and approve the elected president because it is the voice of the people. We also need to set ministries to operate in the governmental system of UAE, according to the ministers that will be elected, the congressmen and the president.


One of the party's intentions is to create an alliance between the Mediterranean, and middle eastern countries. Such as UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Although some are not Muslim, they are an important asset to the security of the UAE. Another suggested alliance by the party is the Arab/Muslim alliance. In this alliance, all the Arab and Muslim countries of eRepublik will be allied to the others. In the alliance should be these countries: Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, and Indonesia (Pakistan is not included because it's Dioist).


The idea of the party upon UAE, is that it will be declared and announced as a Muslim state. Although the Islamic preference, UAE will be open to all the religions and all the believers of other religions.

Party Presidents

This is a list of all party presidents:

Number Name Picture Start term End term Notes
1 Emorfion Citizen3853062 v3.png January 20th, 2011 Unknown First Party President

United Arab Emirates Union Defence Force

The United Arab Emirates Union Defence Force was a military force controlled by the party, that wanted to be appreciated as the national defence force of UAE.

The logo of the military was based on the coat of arms of the UAE.

The official uniform of the military was built from two things:

  • The flag of UAE
  • The official logo of the military